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Star Wars Confirms The Reason Why Jedi Make Bad Generals

At last Star Wars has admitted the reason the Jedi made bad generals during the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars were the ultimate Jedi trap finagled by Palpatine to take advantage of the close ties between the Jedi and the Republic. They were designed to be infectious bait with utmost of the battles taking place far from the Galactic Core allowing the Sith to make political power while the Jedi were out fighting on the frontal lines.

Wars dont make one great Master Yoda told Luke Skywalker times latterly and its likely he was flashing back back to the Clone Wars as he spoke those words. The Clone Wars forced the Jedi to come dog faces rather than proponents and in numerous Jedi set up themselves overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of angels caught in the crossfire. The swell of negative feelings associated with a galactic conflict wrath fulness abomination fear and the suchlike sloped the world towards the dark side and the Jedi set up their capability to apply the Force dwindling as the Clone Wars dragged on. Some Jedi distinguished themselves as war icons Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker among them but nearly all felt as though they came near to breaking point. By the time Palpatine initiated Order 66 the Jedi were exhausted.

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Obi Wan# 3 by Christopher Cantwell Alessandro Miracolo and Frank William eventually admits why the Jedi made bad generals. The main story is set shortly before the events of the first Star Wars film and it sees Obi Wan Kenobi reflect back on the Clone Wars. This ocean of dogfaces was led by generals who were. monastics Obi Wan recalls. preachers. Monks. All these times latterly Obi Wan has come to fete the asininity of it all. All war in part at least enterprises dominion. As retainers of the Force we learned that it presides over all like an unseen current. To seek any kind of dominance is to misinterpret the veritably nature of the Force.

Obi Wan Kenobi reflects on the Clone Wars
Obi Wan has come to understand that by fighting a war at each the Jedi lost. sharing in the Clone Wars meant the Jedi moved further down from the light side of the Force embracing military doctrines that were alien to them. numerous Jedi deserted from the Order hopeless to recapture the light but presumably they were picked off by Palpatines cutthroats similar as Ochi of Bestoon. One Padawan Barris Offee lost faith in the Jedi Council and indeed launched a terrorist attack on the Jedi Temple. still shocking her conduct may have been her central argument that the Jedi had lost their way was correct.

The Jedi had always considered themselves defenders of the Republic sworn to act in defense. But war inescapably requires aggression forcing them to betray this position and operate in an arena the Sith find far more comfortable. Its no surprise the Sith succeeded in defeating the Jedi having laid the ultimate trap for their ancient adversaries one that came to define the Star Wars prequel trio

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