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Squid Game season 2 is not coming to Netflix in May 2022

We wish we had some good news about the Squid Game season 2 release date. All we know right now is that its not arriving in May 2022.There are a few shows that we keep a close eye on and get disappointed when theres nothing new. Squid Game has become one of those shows.The series is not going to return in May 2022. We double checked the list of releases for the month just in case but its definitely not on there. Of course we didnt expect to see it on the list. After all there are no signs that the show is anywhere near ready for us.

When will Squid Game season 2 come to Netflix?

How long do we need to wait? This is something that we cant answer but the rumors arent looking great. It doesnt look like were going to get the show in 2022 at all.The last we heard from creator Hwang Dong hyuk writing hadnt even started on the season. The storyline is in his head but it hasnt made it to paper just yet. Without writing scripts cant be handed out to the actors and filming cant happen.Dong hyuk had even more bad news for fans. He doesnt think its going to make it to Netflix until 2024! Yes thats two years from now. Thats going to be one hell of a wait.Of course we dont think this wait is going to affect the success of the series. Very little was known about the K drama when it first came out but it very quickly gained a following. This is one of those shows that picked up a following through word of mouth which is something that happens with most K dramas. Once the second season drops were expecting the same thing to happen.


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