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Southern Charm Craig Reveals Paige Is Moving To Charleston For 2 Months

Southern Charm star Craig Conover and his Summer House girlfriend Paige DeSorbo are getting ready for their future together in Charleston. Southern Charm star Craig Conover made a love connection with Summer House star Paige DeSorbo and shared that she will be moving into his Charleston house for two months. Craig and Paige both starred in the Bravo spinoff Winter House during which Craig had a girlfriend. Paige who had met Craig three years prior later confessed to being disappointed that he was unavailable. After Winter House ended Craig ended things with his then girlfriend and he and Paige were linked together. During Summer House season 6 fans watched Paige and Craigs relationship go from hooking up casually to the two catching feelings for each other.

Craig and Paige made their relationship Instagram official in September during Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batulas wedding. Craig who lives in Charleston and Paige who resides in New York City have been making long distance work by flying back and forth during the weekends to see each other. Paige has been open about wanting a future engagement and marriage to Craig and has even said she would move to Charleston to be with him.

It looks as if Paige is taking steps to move things forward with the Southern Charm pillow entrepreneur. Craig recently shared with that Paige is coming to Charleston to spend May and June at his house. He noted that it would be temporary and that she would be there to help him redo his house to make it less of a bachelor pad. Craig stated Im having a ton of stuff done to my house and shes definitely got an input on all those new changes which really excites me. Im getting it ready to live in with a partner.

Paige and Craig at Winter House with a stuffed animal
Craig and Paige both star in Winter House season 2 which has already wrapped filming. Craig shared that his time spent with Paige in Winter House was the longest theyve been together and that made them realize they didnt want to do long distance anymore. Craig told BravoTV Were excited to move in together eventually. Thats definitely the direction were headed. Craig and Paige have both met each others families with Paige spending Thanksgiving with the Conovers in Delaware and Craig coming to New York to meet Paiges parents.

Fans will be curious to see whats in store for the two reality television stars. Paige is one of the biggest stars of Summer House which is centered around New Yorkers spending summer in the Hamptons. Paige has hinted about a possible appearance in Southern Charm season 8 which was filmed in October 2021 and has said that she has met everyone from the cast. The fashion influencer is already thinking about her wedding saying that she wont be getting married barefoot on a beach. Craig seems agreeable to the idea stating that his possible future wife can have whatever she wants.

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