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South Park THEORY: Butters Will Destroy the Colorado Town

Butters Stotch has cut quite an intriguing figure throughout South Park history. Hes usually soft spoken timid and trying to please everyone which is why Eric Cartman bullied him in the past. Cartman also played pranks on him and used him in genocidal schemes to attain power due to Cartman not having a stable family life.Butters went along with those schemes though because he felt sorry for Cartman no matter how selfish and spoiled Cartman proved himself to be. However South Parks last Season 25 episode shaped Butters up to turn the tables and become the ultimate monster. And even more concerning someone who will likely destroy the snowy Colorado town out of revenge for all the times hes been wronged.

Butters has a dark side to him seen through his Professor Chaos alter ego who promised to raze the town. Nothing much came out of that super villain gimmick but other stories have hinted that Butters has enormous power. A possible future had him spreading the word about NFTs and getting society to crumble by splashing cash on intangible art while as the Mexican savior Mantequilla he showed that he could convince acolytes to worship him.However he doesnt have good luck in his personal life as evidenced by his tap dancing causing a tragedy that took many lives. Outside of school his parents also mistreat him which is why he likes being an awkward loner playing with his toys and singing in his backyard. Those happy pursuits keep him from becoming one of the towns emo teenagers.

But wherever Butters goes danger follows. When he took pictures for Cartmans real estate scheme his photos caused a rival agency to imitate his style… which led to workers literally breaking their backs while posing and a gun war breaking out in town. The plotline was funny because he was so aloof and didnt know what he started but it spoke to Butters inadvertently wrecking South Park. So what could he do if he ever intentionally tried?The full extent of Butters power came to light in the Season 25 finale for St. Patricks Day. He kept educating people on the holiday even preaching about how Christianity influenced it only to get jailed for pinching people who didnt wear green. In jail Butters prayers and support helped Randy Marsh gain magical powers… which led to the owner of Tegridy Farms rampaging through the town he usually heals.

Randys behavior was more proof that Butters creates disasters and must be connected to something ethereal. He was ultimately sentenced to garbage duty picking up litter in the streets for five years as part of community service. But rather than find the positive in the outcome as many fans assumed he would the misunderstood Butters cursed the church and town. Its foreshadowing that the time is coming where hell make South Park truly pay for its sins giving the show a bigger villain and one it might need now that it seems Cartman has been redeemed.

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