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South Park Season 25 Episode 4 Release Date (Why It Wasn’t On This Week)

South Park season 25, episode 4 didn’t air this week and is instead returning on March 2nd. Here are the possible reasons for the delay.

Cartman in front of the South Park Season 25 logo.
South Park season 25, episode 4 wasn’t on this week; here’s why and when the show will return. After a fairly long hiatus between season 23 and the current season, filled by a handful of specials that made up season 24, South Park consistently aired its first three episodes of season 25 over the past three weeks. However, this week’s episode has been pushed back a week, a common experience for seasoned South Park veterans. South Park is a long-running adult animated series that follows friends Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny and their misadventures in the titular town. Known for humor that’s just as crude as its animation, the series tends to be very timely, with episodes such as season 24, episode 1, “South ParQ Vaccination Special” commenting on issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether the series is commenting on hotly debated political topics, social issues, or just wants to tell a simple story about a school’s pajama day, South Park has been loved by its wide audience since its start in 1997.

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To the dismay of some, it was recently announced that South Park season 25, episode 4 would be airing a week later than expected, airing next week on March 2nd rather than the previously expected date of February 23rd. Speculation as to why this is points to one popular theory that has to do with the show’s recent change in streaming platforms. In 2020, South Park was removed from its long-time streaming platform Hulu and found a new home on HBO Max. Soon after that, though, a new deal was struck between creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Paramount+. The deal states that several South Park specials will stream on Paramount+, starting with the “Post Covid” special. Even though there is no official statement as to the reasoning behind the delay, some are speculating this is the reason. However, although it is possible the delay could have something to do with this, it seems far more likely that South Park season 25, episode 4’s delay has to do with how the show is produced.

The poster for South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut.
Unlike many other shows, South Park is made on a weekly basis in order to remain flexible and respond to any big stories it might want to skewer. The show is often finished the night before it is meant to air, as shown in the documentary 6 Days to Air. Because of this tight and exhausting schedule, week-long breaks midseason are common, as is seen between season 23, episode 7, “Board Girls” and season 23, episode 8, “Turd Burglars.” After the first three episodes of the season, such as the complex episode revolving around Token Black’s real name, it is likely the crew just wants a little break before South Park season 25, episode 4 to get ahead on future episodes.


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