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South Park Movies Release Schedule Revealed: Twice A Year For 6 Years

South Park will broadcast two movie events every year for the next six years Paramount has confirmed. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone recently signed an enormously lucrative $900 million deal with Viacom CBS last year ensuring at least six more seasons of South Park as well as 14 TV movies to stream exclusively on Paramount. The deal will take South Park to at least season 30 and was made following the shows enormously successful Pandemic Special in 2020 which proved to be the elementally profane comedys most watched episode in years.

Paramounts relationship with South Park first began with the two hour long streaming specials Post Covid and Post Covid The Return of Covid which saw the mountain town boys all grown up and facing a new coronavirus variant. The series is currently celebrating its landmark season 25 on Comedy Central and has already dropped an unexpected twist to the shows folklore by revealing character Tokens real name as being Tolkien after the renowned fantasy author of The Lord of the Rings. Along with the current South Park series Paramount have confirmed that a further two specials are also set to stream on its service later this year.Now Paramount has revealed further details regarding its plans for the notoriously controversial animation including the release schedule for the South Park TV movies. In a thread discussing much of the streaming services new and upcoming content on Twitter Paramount elaborated on how South Park will premiere two events on ParamountPlus each year for the next 6 years. The announcement also revealed how new seasons of the show will first stream on the platform from 2024 and that the entirety of South Park will be exclusive to Paramount internationally from 2022 & in the US in 2025.

Given that Parker and Stone have confirmed that the South Park specials wont all be feature length movies it comes as little surprise that Paramount has announced such a release schedule for the TV events. The specials will likely be made in much the same way as the usual 30 minute episodes but with a longer runtime. Its evident that the success of South Park season 24 last year which was entirely made up of four 50 to 60 minute episodes has given the company sufficient confidence to fully pursue this new direction for the series. However since it has now also confirmed that the complete South Park series will eventually only be globally available on Paramount along with the TV movies its clear that the Paramount are looking for South Park to become one of the main flagship shows to help secure improved viewership for the streaming service.

The fact that South Park fans can now expect two specials a year for the next six years will likely come as a welcome relief to many. Viewers who enjoyed season 24s unusual structure of only special episodes will doubtless rejoice at the fact that they will be a recurring element of the show. However those who were less keen on this approach may be more relieved that the series is returning to its classic 30 minute episode format with the specials becoming an exclusive feature of Paramount.Regardless it remains to be seen whether fans will welcome South Park leaving its long standing home of Comedy Central for a more digital platform but this will become clear when the move officially happens.

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