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Shaman King Sequel Announced

Shaman King made a return to television recently with a special reboot and it seems there is even more of the series to come. Over in Japan the anime kicked off its final act to the delight of fans and they have just learned a sequel is gunning for the series. After all Shaman King Flowers seems to be getting its own series and fans can check out the big announcement below. According to the update Shaman King Flowers will follow the story set out in Hiroyuki Takeis manga. The sequel which was published originally in 2012 follows Hana Asakura. The boy is the child of Yoh and Anna. This particular sequel follows Hana as the boy is introduced to the greater Asakura Family while his parents are on a trip and things get complicated when a woman appears claiming to be the mans fiancé.

This sequel will bring the next era of Shaman King to life and fans of the series are hyped for this adaptation. Back in the day fans were not sure if Shaman King Flowers would ever get an adaptation but the success of the main series reboot has convinced the powers at be. So if you need to catch up on the reboot Netflix is streaming the show right now. The streaming service is uploading episodes in batches stateside and for those who need more info on the series you can find its official synopsis below

Shamans possess mysterious powers that allow them to commune with gods spirits and even the dead. High schooler Manta Oyamada doesnt know much about them but that changes fast when his class welcomes a new transfer student from remote Izumo Yoh Asakura a shaman in training! Although he may just be starting out Yohs dream is a big one to become the Shaman King the one and only shaman who may commune with the Great Spirit and help remake the world for the better. But the road to this pinnacle of spiritual power runs through the Shaman Fight a gauntlet of battles with rival mediums who call forth dizzying powers from the world of the dead in their own bids for the crown. Itd be nice if Yoh had a little more time to train and mature…but the Shaman Fight is only held once every 500 years so hes going to have to grow up fast!

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