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Shaman King Anime Sequel Officially Announced

Shaman King anime is getting a sequel as announced after the finale of the first season. An announcement video was revealed along with a special thank you visual. The upcoming continuation is set to follow Annas son Hana Asakura. Shaman King Sequel Announcement Video The thank you visual comes in two editions. One depicts the characters while the other shows them off in a grownup version and serves as a sort of teaser for the upcoming sequel The format of the sequel has not been confirmed yet. The Shaman King anime is based on Hiroyuki Takeis manga of the same name which ran from 1998 to 2004. The first anime adaptation of the work was by studio XEBEC. It aired from 2001 to 2002 and had 64 episodes but since it ended before the manga it never fully adapted the story.

A reboot by studio Bridge started airing in the spring of 2021 in Japan. The anime was a Netflix exclusive so simulcast was not available. The reboot was directed by Joji Furuta and it fully adapted all 35 volumes of the manga in 52 episodes. Shaman King Anime Gets Final Battle Trailer and Visual for the Great Spirits Arc Kodansha Comics licensed the manga in English and describes the plot as Shamans possess mysterious powers that allow them to commune with gods spirits and even the dead…and Manta Oyamadas about to learn all about them because his class just welcomed a new transfer student Yoh Asakura a boy from way off in Izumo…and a shaman in training!

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