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Schitt’s Creek Star Sarah Levy Shares How Her Baby Boy Made Her Even Closer With Dad Eugene Levy

Sarah Levy and Eugene Levy have leveled up their bond and it’s all thanks to her bébé. Sarah recently welcomed her first child with husband Graham Outer bridge, a baby boy named James Eugene. James’ middle name is a clear homage to Sarah’s father and, as Sarah recently shared, the tribute is one that warmed her dad’s heart.

“My dad was incredibly touched that we named him James Eugene, and honestly, I could not imagine any other middle name for James,” Sarah said in a recent interview with Babe by Hatch. “In my family we name people after middle names. It was just a nice way to honor my dad. As if the little one’s arrival couldn’t be any more special, Sarah noted that James is the first grandchild for her parents, Eugene and Deborah Divine, which has “brought everyone even closer.”

While having her baby boy has brought on a tighter bond, it also put Sarah into her parents’ shoes. As a mom, Sarah shared that she now grasps things she didn’t before about their family being in the spotlight. I think about it now and understand why my parents worked so hard to divert me and my brother from show business,” she told the outlet. “It’s obviously so challenging. I see my son now and understand the desire to protect him.”

But just because Sarah has her motherly guard up doesn’t mean she is totally closed off to having her son follow in her footsteps including working on a TV series with her family members. Sarah explained of her time on Schitt’s Creek, “I’m so grateful I had that experience with my family pre-baby, so if bringing him into our fold and having that same experience again is possible, I’m more than open to it. Someone deliver a reboot script to James’ bébé chamber For the latest breaking news updates, click here to download the E! News App

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