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Save Batwoman Billboards Appear As Fans Campaign For HBO Max Pick Up

Following its cancelation #SaveBatwoman billboards have started to appear as fans campaign for HBO Max to pick up the Arrowverse drama for season 4.

Following the shows cancelation at The CW a #SaveBatwoman campaign is underway as fans hope for HBO Max to pick up the Arrowverse series. 2022 will serve as one of the most difficult chapters in the Arrowverses history. Since 2012 The CW has been the home of executive producer Greg Berlantis everexpanding superhero universe that began with Arrow a grittier take on Green Arrow. Following Arrows success The CW began to develop one spinoff after another including shows like The Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow and many more.

While The CW has renewed most of its popular shows every year 2022 has seen some different results. Due to WarnerMedia and Paramount the coowners of The CW looking to sell the network it changed the status quo for the attached programs including the many Arrowverse shows that are still airing. Batwoman became one of the DC properties to land on the bubble after season 3 finished its run back in March. Following an extensive waiting period The CW ultimately canceled Batwoman after 3 seasons along with Legends of Tomorrow.

As devastating as it was for involved cast members viewers have shared their own disappointment on social media about Batwomans abrupt ending. Following the cancelation fans are now making their voices heard beyond the screen. Javicia Leslie who portrayed Ryan Wilder in the series shared an image of a Save Batwoman billboard that has emerged in New York looking to start a campaign in the hopes that HBO Max will save the canceled drama. Check out the photo below
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Most of the original Arrowverse shows are streaming on Netflix and will continue to do so for a few years after said series has ended its broadcast run. However Batwoman is one of The CW dramas that arent on Netflix. When Batwoman premiered in 2019 it became the first Arrowverse series to land on HBO Max following the end of season 1. Newer DC TV shows like Superman & Lois Stargirl and Naomi have also found a home on the HBObranded streaming service as Warner Bros. original licensing agreement with Netflix came to an end a few years ago.

While its not a guarantee HBO Max will revive Batwoman its also not an impossibility. Given that HBO Max already has its licensing rights the studio and streamer could potentially save Batwoman which would be easier than getting Legends of Tomorrow season 8 due to the Netflix deal. In the current age of social media canceled shows have managed to get saved by other networks or streaming services through fans sharing their support on platforms like Twitter where they can get something like #SaveBatwoman to trend. Whether or not Batwoman season 4 were to happen on HBO Max these fan campaigns are still a great example of the impact that TV viewers can have today. Only time will tell if Batwoman will get a chance to return for another season on HBO Max.


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