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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s see-through lace dress is everything

After making headlines for repping a see-through bra last month, Sarah Michelle Gellar is now leaning even harder into the sheer trend and, unsurprisingly, she totally owns it. For a screening of the new Paramount+ series Wolf Pack (both co-directed by and starring Sarah), SMG stepped out in an incredible lace dress which, as you might’ve guessed from the headline, is also totally transparent.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer icon attended the event in a short white mini dress which we’re going to unpack together right now. The look features a short hemline, brilliantly offset with long sleeves and a romantic neckline, surrounded by layers of lace ruffles. Sarah then wore contrasting black lingerie underneath the look a deliberate colour choice to ensure the undergarments stood out. Sarah accessorised the mini with a pair of pointed black pumps and matching nail polish. Sarah shared pics of the ‘fit on Instagram, with the first post perfectly captioned, “I am your Mother, you listen to me Wolf Pack co-star, Chloe Rose Robertson, is clearly a fan of the look, commenting, “YES I WAS WAITING FOR THE POST OF THIS DRESSSSSS”.

Sarah went on to share another couple of posts alongside fellow Wolf Pack pals, Bella Shepard and Armani Jackson. I’m excited (and also a little sad) to tell you the the @wolfpackonpplus finale is now out. I LOVE this episode and I know you will too. (Spoiler – guess who is back with a season ender fight scene?!?) Also, check out this fun video featuring a cameo from none other than Teen Wolf legend, Tyler Posey:


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