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Sanditon Season 2 Saves Sidney’s Brothers Tom & Arthur

With Sidney Theo James gone Sanditon season 2 has made his brothers Tom Kris Marshall and Arthur Parker Turlough Convery into better characters. As Sanditon heads into its season 2 finale the Parker brothers are contending with a massive problem in their seaside resort town Colonel Francis Lennox Tom Weston Jones and his British Army regiment. Initially welcomed to Sanditon as heroes Lennoxs men caused financial and personal chaos with Tom especially bearing the brunt of the calamity in the town.Tom Parker is the visionary behind Sanditon but his irrepressible spirit and wide eyed optimism in season 1 have been hampered by harsh realities. Tom was already financially burdened and a supplicant to Lady Denham Anne Reid to pay for the expenses of building Sanditon. But Tom was still unable to pay the wages of the construction workers before Sidney rescued him at the end of Sanditon season 1. Meanwhile Arthur was merely comic relief in Sanditon season 1. A hypochondriac along with his sister Diana Alexander Roach no one took Arthur seriously in season 1. However the death of Sidney at the start of Sanditon season 2 necessarily altered Tom and Arthur for their betterment.

In Sanditon season 2 Tom is showing more depth than ever. On the surface his character hasnt changed much from Sanditon season 1 Tom still has big dreams but little in the way of money to realize them. The eldest Parker brother felt that the British Army coming to Sanditon would be a boon to the town and he planned to build barracks to get them to stay but Tom realized too late that Colonel Lennox and his men run up debts they never intend to pay. Tom was even tricked into owing Lennox money through gambling. Toms wife Mary Kate Ashfield finally told him the truth that Sidney was in love with Charlotte Heywood Rose Williams but married Eliza Campion Ruth Kearney for her money so he could save Tom and Sanditon. This lit a fire in Tom and will hopefully give him the backbone to stand up to Colonel Lennox at last. By owning up to his mistakes Tom has become more interesting and is someone to root for.Meanwhile Arthur has been Sanditon season 2s best character reboot. The youngest Parker brother took Sidneys place as Toms counselor and his advice has been sound although Tom didnt always heed it. Yet Arthurs instincts about Colonel Lennox being crooked were right all along and he has come up with novel ways to help Tom. Arthur was even the hero who saved Charlotte and Lennox from a hot air balloon ride gone awry. Through it all Arthur has been a stalwart friend to Georgiana Lambe Crystal Clarke joined her sugar boycott and he has played matchmaker for Miss Lambe and Charles Lockhart Alexander Vlahos. No longer a subject of ridicule Arthur along with Mary has been the backbone quietly holding the Parker family and Sanditon together in season 2.

The stage is set for Tom with Arthurs help and support to finally face down Colonel Lennox and behave as the towns leader to close out Sanditon season 2. Perhaps Tom can regain his showman like season 1 cheeriness as well. In addition Tom realized how invaluable Arthur is and how much his little brother has matured into a wise and sensible advisor. Sidneys death because Theo James chose not to return to Sanditon was a massive loss but the series has smartly turned that negative into a positive by refocusing Tom and Arthur Parker. So much of Sanditon is focused fittingly on Charlotte Alison Rosie Graham and Georgianas romances as well as the utter villainy of Sir Edward Denham Jack Fox that its easy to overlook how much Tom and Arthur have improved as characters. But Sanditon would be nowhere without Tom and Arthur Parker as the foundations of the town and the series in seasons 2 and 3.

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