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‘Sanditon’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Charlotte’s Fiancé Twist

Sanditon Season 2 picked up a few months after the eventful finale when Sidney Parker Theo James decided to marry Eliza Campion Ruth Kearny to save his brothers fortune as well as the Sanditon project as marrying Eliza would provide him with enough wealth to pay the Parker familys debts. However when Season 2 kicks off we learn that Sidney had contracted yellow fever and passed away upon returning to Antigua. This bereavement unquestionably shatters Charlotte Rose Williams but when she returns to Sanditon with her sister in tow she finds herself facing new stakes and romantic courtships.Charlottes decision to seek employment and make an independent woman of herself in the aftermath of Sidneys death puts her in the crosshairs of Alexander Colbourne Ben Lloyd Hughes whose ward shes in charge of governing. The arrival of the British Army also provides Charlotte with a suitor in Colonel Lennox Tom Weston Jones that is before we learn that the Armys tactic is to pitch tents in every other town and run up debts and disappear overnight. Of course even with no knowledge of the inner workings of the army Charlotte is unable to connect with Colonel Lennox the way she does with Colbourne this culminates in her rejecting Lennoxs proposal. Of course Charlotte does eventually learn that Leo Flora Mitchell is the child of Lennox and Colbournes wife whom Lennox abandoned upon learning she was with child.

In Episode 6 we see a conclusion for the one happy couple this season. Allison Rosie Graham has finally gotten over Carters Maxim Ays betrayal and finds herself developing feelings for Captain Fraser Frank Blake leading up to the finale. After forgiving him for not informing her of Carters deceit she starts to see Captain Fraser in a whole new light. In the last hour she finds herself hopelessly in love with him and although the series tries to pull one over on us making us believe he had left for India without telling her he loves her the end of Season 2 sees them blissfully wed.The darkest storyline this season continues to be Esthers Charlotte Spencer as she has been suffering from laudanum poisoning courtesy of her devilish brother. Edward Jack Fox wants Esther gone since shes so close to Lady Denham Anne Reid and stands in the way of him getting Lady Denhams fortune now that he has a son with Clara Lily Sacofsky and a chance at inheriting her money. It was great that the final episode chose to begin by disposing of this storyline quickly with Clara revealing to Lady Denham how Edward has been poisoning Esther. Esthers story ended predictably enough with Clara delivering on the season long unspoken promise of abandoning her child with Esther.

After Charlotte and Colbournes passionate kiss in the penultimate episode Episode 6 provided us with another one fairly quickly. After Leo runs off to meet Lennox upon overhearing that he is her actual father Charlotte and Colbourne set off to find her. At the soldiers camp Lennox does the gentlemanly thing and does not tell Leo the truth about her birth restoring her peace of mind. For all of Lennoxs many flaws the finale does seem to indicate that he wasnt a straight up monster to Colbournes wife as Colbourne had indicated and the two likely had had a genuine romance before it gave away to their circumstance. It isnt exactly a good day for Lennox as the final episode sees him accepting Toms Kris Marshall offer of a game in exchange for him leaving Sanditon. Had Tom lost he would have paid his debt to Lennox in full but Lennox losing meant that he had to repay the town for all the damage it had incurred due to his presence and leave immediately never to return. Fortunately for us it is the latter that happens ending Lennoxs arc for the show.

Of course Lennox isnt the worst person to come out of the final hour. Sanditon Season 2 did an excellent job of fooling us all with Charles Lockhart. Theres been much to dwell on this season for many of its characters and perhaps thats why this didnt seem obvious enough. Georgianas Crystal Clarke romance with Charles Alexander Vlahos had slowly been building up steam all season from stolen glances paintings to kisses in secret and a marriage proposal. Eventually she is faced with the decision to run away with Charles or stay behind in Sanditon. No matter his eventual feelings for Georgina once the contents of Sydneys letter from Aguina Eloise Webb are read it becomes clear that Charles Lockhart is just a desperate racist man angry that a Black woman had inherited the fortune he thought he deserved and conspiring to get his hands on it every which way. Its a sad end to what we thought was a promising romance but Georginas already looking ahead as the series comes to a close having found out that her mother is likely alive.

Then theres the whole Charlotte Colbourne of it all. Having been effectively dissuaded by Lennoxs remarks about his wife Colbourne abruptly ends his budding affair with Charlotte and fires her from her post without any explanation. But the writers do a great job of keeping us guessing till the end because what do you know after a conversation with Augusta he comes to his senses and goes back to apologize to Charlotte. Only this time she refuses him having been heartbroken and dismayed by his treatment of her. Thus she decides to return to her hometown and at her sisters wedding introduces Georgina and the Parkers to her new fiancé Ralph which is a shock to everyone. Season 2 ends with this twist that no one saw coming. Colbourne and his ward are off to an undisclosed location for who knows how long and Charlotte is to be wed next season potentially ending their romance for good although you never know what Season 3 will bring. Whatever happens hopefully Season 3 can deliver on the momentum of the sophomore series and finally give poor Charlotte the true happy ending that she deserves.

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