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Sanditon: Charlotte’s 2 New Love Interests Can’t Replace Theo James’ Sidney

Charlotte Heywood Rose Williams has two new love interests in Sanditon season 2 but neither is poised to replace the late Sidney Parker Theo James. James opted not to return for Sanditon seasons 2 and 3 leaving his romance with Miss Heywood unfinished. However Sanditon must go on and the producers created several new characters to inhabit the lovely seaside resort town on Englands south coast. Miss Heywood now has two new suitors who contain aspects of Sidneys character.

Sidney was killed off in the opening minutes of Sanditon season 2s premiere. Mr. Parker was in Antigua for mysterious reasons related to his ward Georgiana Lambe Crystal Clarke when he caught yellow fever and tragically died. Sidney was already being buried on the island by the time Charlotte learned of his death. Three months later Miss Heywood returned to Sanditon with her younger sister Alison Rosie Graham formerly part of Outlanders cast in tow hoping to find a new life for herself without Sidney. Meanwhile a British Army garrison led by Colonel Francis Lennox Tom Weston Jones based themselves in Sanditon and Lennox immediately took a fancy to Charlotte. For her part Miss Heywood took a job as governess for the niece and daughter of Alexander Colbourne Ben Lloyd Hughes a wealthy recluse disliked by the rest of Sanditons populace. Mr. Colbourne is also obviously taken with Miss Heywood.

Sanditons writers seem to have split Sidneys mercurial personality in two and imbued different aspects into Colonel Lennox and Alexander Colbourne. Lennox has the side of Sidney who is impressed with Charlottes bold spirit and willingness to speak her mind. Although Theo James Sidney initially scolded Miss Heywood for freely sharing her opinions he secretly admired her for it. Lennox makes no bones that he enjoys Charlottes straightforward nature and he doesnt hesitate to compliment Miss Heywood. Meanwhile Colbourne represents Sidneys impatience temperament and assumption that he knows more than Charlotte. Just as Mr. Parker was cold to Miss Heywood at first but gradually warmed to her charms its already obvious that Alexanders walls are starting to fall for Charlotte.

The twist in Sanditon season 2 is that Charlotte isnt looking for anyone to replace Sidney which places Miss Heywood at odds with the expectations of society in Jane Austens Regency era. Like Sanditons audience she misses Mr. Parker dearly and remains haunted by his last words to her. Charlotte is mourning Sidney and her own broken heart so the last thing she is interested in is a new love affair. In fact Charlotte has decided that she cant put herself in a position where she is reliant on a man again and Miss Heywood is determined to create a life purely for herself. This also creates conflict between Charlotte and her own starry eyed sister Alison who is looking for love with Colonel Lennoxs subordinate Captain Carter Maxim Ays to the chagrin of Captain Declan Fraser Frank Blake who also fancies Alison.

Beyond being romantically interested in Charlotte Colonel Lennox also has some unknown cause to dislike Alexander Colbourne. This could put the unwilling Miss Heywood in the middle of a love triangle. Worse Charlotte may be caught between two men who she has some interest in but not enough to betray her own conviction to remain her own woman without Sidney. If Lennox and Colbourne do become enemies over Charlotte it would be an extra amusing situation since it basically means the two sides of Sidney Parker would go to war for Miss Heywood in Sanditon season 2. As of now it doesnt seem like either Lennox or Colbourne alone can replace Sidney in Charlottes or the Sanditon audiences hearts but time will tell.

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