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Salma Hayek: these are her measurements to show off her curves from another planet

The Mexican actress patron and businesswoman Salma Hayek is a figure that always makes people talk Not only because of her notorious and acclaimed workshop a characteristic that has accompanied her throughout her life and career but also because of her imposing and Magnificat presence And theres no mistrustful that Salma is one of the most beautiful women in the Latin and Spanish speaking world.

At 55 times old and more active than ever in her professional life Salma Hayek repeats a routine and has her secrets to maintain her perfect body and with those measures that allow her to show off her blessed and enviable angles Salmas secret lies in her careful diet although she doesnt follow those diets that are generally restrictive and nearly military She does not have a drill routine moreover.

Salma Hayeks measures that allow her to show off her splendid angles
The witching and narcotic beauty of Salma Hayek has her secrets Outside of the rigorously physical the Mexican artist is characterized by her personality and way of being authentic and 100 unbiased And what she does specifically to her body she also has her own secrets from her And its that Salma Hayek measures 157 measures while her body measures are 906194 Her weight meanwhile is close to 55 kilos All this fleshly harmony is accompanied by acceptable nutrition although it isnt a strict and fully restrictive authority but rather watch.

Salma Hayek drinks a lot of juice throughout the day Authorities of different flavors and that according to her own words help her detoxify in the routine Her pets are green authorities although she also likes to introduce And in an interview she confessed the two flavors of juice that are her weakness papaya and blackberries and some red fruits.

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