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Salma Hayek Calls Angelina Jolie ‘Probably the Best Director I’ve Ever Worked With’

Salma Hayek has high praise for her confidante Angelina Jolie. In the new issue of PEOPLE the Oscar nominated Frida actress 55 calls Jolie 47 who directed Hayek in the forthcoming drama Without Blood presumably the stylish director I have ever worked with. And I worked with some enough good bones Indeed Hayeks résumé is filled with pictures directed by some of the stylish in the business including Oscar winners Oliver Stone Steven Soderbergh and Chloé Zhao who directed her in Savages Traffic and The Eternals independently.

Other assiduity bigwigs Hayek has worked with include Ridley Scott House of Gucci Julie Taylor Frida and Robert Rodriguez Once Upon a Time in Mexico Desperado and The Faculty. Continues Hayek of Jolie I have always loved her as a director but I suppose this might be her stylish or one of the stylish. Jolie has directed five point flicks including the World War II film Unbroken and the drama By the Sea which she made with also hubby Brad Pitt in 2015. Without Blood which has no release date listed is grounded on the 2002 novel by Alessandro Barrico. An indelible fable set in the fate of an unidentified conflict it explores universal trueness about war trauma memory and mending according to a press release from the movies product company Fremantle.

still Hayek confirms that it is If that sounds heavy. She tells PEOPLE she has yet to recover from making the movie. It was a tough film to do. And also ever it was a joy to suffer so important because. she was surprisingly good. Her costar in the movie Demián Bichir agreed with Hayek according to the actress He was saying to me This is the hardest thing like the most violent design I have ever done in my life with the loftiest position of complexity. And I said I am so glad you say that me too.

Hayek admits she broke before saying yes to working with Jolie her costar from the 2021 Marvel movie The Eternals. There is always vacillation Am I putting my fellowship in jeopardy right now? she says. And wow Ive a whole other position of respect for her. Affiliated videotape Angelina Jolie Brings kiddies Maddox Zahara Shiloh Vivienne and Knox to Eternals Premiere Indeed so shes not above getting a little silly with her friend. Last time Jolie pushed Hayeks face into the Desperado stars birthday cutlet part of a Mexican tradition known as la mordida. Hayek has yet to return the favor I allowed about it but we were about to shoot she says but Jolie more watch her back or face for that matter. I am going to get her coming says Hayek. I promise you.

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