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Ryan Reynolds shares exciting update a month on from Blake Lively’s baby announcement

Ryan Reynolds is having a brilliant start to the year, having recently become a father for the fourth time.

What’s more, just a month after Blake Lively all but confirmed that the couple’s new addition had been born, Ryan had another exciting bit of news to celebrate over the weekend. Taking to Instagram, the Deadpool actor shared the results of his football team Wrexham’s triumph after they won 2-1 against Bromley on Saturday. The actor purchased the Wrexham FC team in early 2021 with co-chairman Rob McElhenney, and recently even took his oldest daughter, James, to the team’s stadium. He took his first trip to Wrexham in 2022, having not been able to come along sooner due to the pandemic restrictions.

While his family couldn’t make it on the first occasion, they did feature in a cameo on the FX series Welcome to Wrexham. In an episode that aired in September, Ryan was seen receiving a FaceTime call from his wife and daughters, James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three. In the clip, he said: “Gotta answer this,” and one of his daughters was heard saying: “Hi dad, look at you on the field!” Though the FaceTime call wasn’t shown, Blake was heard rooting on her husband and saying: “Wow, that’s so cool.”

It was Blake that encouraged Ryan to purchase the football team, with the actor previously revealing that she’s “actually more obsessed with Wrexham than I am.” Now balancing life as a family-of-six, Ryan and Blake couldn’t be happier. Blake had shared a photo of herself on Instagram, showing the A Simple Favor actress visibly without her baby bump, alluding in her caption that it was a recent snap and that she had “been busy.”


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