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Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett On Season 2, His Character’s Possible LGBTQ+ Storyline, And Arrow – Exclusive Interview

For anyone who didnt get enough of an existential crisis in 2020 Russian Doll is finally back with another grippingly mind bending season to captivate and mildly confuse audiences everywhere. Fans havent seen Alan Charlie Barnett and Nadia Natasha Lyonne grace their Netflix scenes in the show since 2019 but the series doesnt miss a beat with a family centric mystery that goes the distance through space and time.

Barnett is no stranger to the small screen having scored the role of Peter Mills in the One Chicago franchise and appearing in Valor and the Netflix series You. He also won the role of John Diggle in the Arrowverse and he was even slated to appear alongside Kat McNamara in the Green Arrow & the Canaries spinoff that never happened according to ComicBook. Since then Barnett has starred in the series Ordinary Joe and acted alongside Matthew Daddario in Wild Game.During an exclusive interview with Looper Charlie Barnett dove deep into the intricacies of Russian Doll Season 2 offering insight on his characters possible LGBTQ+ journey how he tackles the series more confusing aspects and how involved producer Amy Poehler is in the show. He also revealed what it was like working alongside Natasha Lyonne on Russian Doll and Kat McNamara on Arrow.

The impact of a wonder co star

There are personal moments that I can say Natasha has really changed my life in sobriety in a certain sense and awareness of my abilities and pushing my own self from watching her create this whole mountain a behemoth of a mountain. Ive been inspired a lot. Then theres this side of watching Greta Lee. You can literally give her a phone book and she can make it interesting and hilarious. That is a craft that I wish I could have an inch of.The show is incredibly mind bending. Do you get the script episodically or do you know the whole season arc when you go into shooting a season?

The first season was very different. A lot of the people who were leading us took a second to reassess how we could make it not easier but make it more efficient. The first season was flying by the seat of our pants … scripts are changing every other day we were walking in we were being like Okay were going to do this now lets do it. This season was very different.Natasha and Alex sat down with us. God I want to say … at least two or three weeks prior to us going to New York they started breaking down scene by scene each bit. We had pretty much the whole script. We maybe didnt have the last two or three episodes and we got to really tear it apart and be part of the development which is really cool. A lot of times you dont have that as an actor in general.

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