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See the many ways fans shared their love for the new Forger family! Wakuwaku! Anya may be starving for entertainment but we are completely and utterly stuffed after the long awaited arrival of Tatsuya Endos SPY x FAMILY manga as an anime. With just two episodes under our belt weve already witnessed an adoption of a telepathic gremlin a marriage to a competent but bumbling assassin and an elite spy whose cold heart begins to flicker with warmth all in the name of world peace — and audiences cant get enough of it.

So before we get any deeper into Operation Strix its time for a mission report on the many incredible ways fans have shown their adoration for SPY x FAMILYs first two episodes and the newly formed Forger family! As if being a spy an assassin and a tele path wasnt intriguing enough Loid Yor and Anya are a charismatic triple threat on their own each immediately winning over the hearts of many in their own right. There was never any doubt that Saori Hayami would get the part as Yor yet with the addition of the multi talented Takuya Eguchi as Loid fans couldnt help but notice how the casting got even more perfect.

one of the most iconic confession & proposal in anime history and the characters were voiced by takuya eguchi and saori hayami And speaking of voice actors SPY x FAMILY officially kicked off the Spring 2022 SimulDub season with a spectacular early stream of the first episode on Twitch less than a week after the original premiere in Japan. Now thats swift justice! A killer anime needs a killer opening theme and acclaimed director Masashi Ishihama Horimiya Attack on Titan OP2 brought his standout style to SPY x FAMILY with an OP that garnered over 1000000 views on YouTube in under 24 hours and plenty of praise and analysis on social media.

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