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Riverdale Season 6 Images Reveal First Look At Time Travel Episode

Riverdale season 6 is about to get even weirder as new images reveal the first look at the shows upcoming time travel episode. It has been a stranger year for Riverdale more than usual as the show explores new territories. Riverdale season 6 kicked off with the series tackling the Multiverse in the Rivervale arc. The Multiverse arc also gave viewers the first interaction between Riverdale characters and Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with Kiernan Shipka set to return for at least one more episode later this year.Since Riverdale season 6 resumed in 2022 the ongoing storyline is starting to give fans a better idea of the main threat this year. After dealing with serial killers cults and elite societies the so called Big Bad of Riverdale season 6 is Percival Pickens. Since his arrival Pickens has been complicating things for the little town while still not having revealed his follow motives just yet. However Pickens is a threat like they hadnt faced before in the previous seasons. Riverdale recently revealed that Pickens also has abilities just like Jughead Betty and Archie who developed superpowers a few episodes ago.

However Pickens mind powers are just the tip of the iceberg in the craziness that will go down in Riverdale season 6. As revealed by Entertainment Weekly the Archieverse drama is officially tackling time travel this season with new images previewing the upcoming episode. While the title has yet to be disclosed the episode is set to air on April 24. The story follows Tabitha Tate who somehow gets sent back in time after one of Pickens accomplices goes after her. While being stuck in the past Tabitha will be using this opportunity to search for answers.Exactly how Tabitha gets sent back into the past is unclear hopefully the writers will give a significant explanation in the upcoming Riverdale season 6 episode. One potential scenario is that Pickens isnt the only baddie with powers. Since Tabitha getting stuck in time is triggered when one of his accomplices targets her it could be that same person who somehow can time travel or send anything and anyone into various periods. Only time no pun intended will tell how Tabitha manages to get back to 2022.

It is interesting just how many sci fi and fantasy angles Riverdale season 6 is dealing with this year after all this time. Despite some of their insane arcs the show has always been mainly rooted in some grounded reality. It could also be that the writers want to do this now while still possible as Riverdale could potentially be nearing its end. While Riverdale was picked up for a seventh season by The CW many of the actors contracts are expiring next year. Depending on actors availability after Riverdale season 7 it remains to be seen if an eighth season will be possible or not.

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