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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 9 Trailer: Cheryl Wants Betty Dead

Old friends have officially turned foes in Riverdale season 6 with the arrival of the trailer for episode 9 titled The Serpent Queens Gambit. Since 2017 the CWs Riverdale has been concocting outlandish yet satisfyingly creepy storylines that involve everything from serial killers to mobsters to ancient family curses. Loosely based on the Archie comics which gained popularity in the 1940s and 50s the series brings recognizable characters like Archie Betty Veronica and Jughead to life in a subversive and dark teen drama. Seasons 1 through 4 were set in high school with last season making a seven year time jump to where Archie and his pals have reunited in their hometown after going their separate ways for a stint.

This season brings the arrival of new foes and old faces. The season 5 finale saw the end of an era as series regular villain Hiram Lodge played by Mark Consuelos officially exited the show. Now a mysterious newcomer named Percival Pickens Chris OShea has come to stir up the supernatural dust. Riverdale is no stranger to supernatural elements but this season 6 saw an official crossover with Netflixs Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Sabrina herself Kiernan Shipka arrived to help Cheryl Blossom craft a curse on her friends turned enemies. The trailer for episode 9 sets up the fallout of these rivalries and the impending doom brought by Percival.

The trailer for next weeks episode comes from The CW showcasing a vengeful Jughead who wants Percival out of Riverdale for good. Bettys personal hunt for the homicidal Trash Bag Killer seems to be on pause as she and Cheryl duke out whats left of their interpersonal conflict. However Toni Topaz Vanessa Morgan takes center stage as the episodes title would imply. As the titular Serpent Queen leader of Riverdales gang of defenders known as the Serpents she appears to be leading a battle with rival gang the Ghoulies.

Since season 1 Cheryl Madelaine Petsch has teetered in her allegiances with Archie and his core group of friends. While she harbors a lot of pain due to a troublesome amount of family secrets that make her actions unpredictable she has been known to be a reliable ally when they need her. However Riverdale season 5 revealed a centuries old curse after one of her ancestors was wrongly burned at the stake by the ancestors of her friends Archie Betty and Veronica. Ever since Cheryl discovered this truth she has been hellbent for revenge. Next weeks target appears to be Betty who never goes down without a fight herself.

The drama of Riverdale is never dull as the writers continually reinvent outlandish new storylines which oddly feel acceptable given the shows quirky tone. From the cheeky dialogue pulpy action sequences one off musical episodes and now superpowers this show can get away with anything as long as it feels just the right amount of ridiculous yet plausible. The series incrementally pushes the boundaries of believability and it seems that no bar is too high or unbelievable for season 6.

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