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Riverdale: “Chapter One Hundred and Seven: In the Fog” Photos Released

Things got even weirder on this weeks episode of Riverdale with Tabitha Erinn Westbrook developing time travel abilities after being shot and over the course of the hour jumping through various points in history and getting guidance from angelic advisors in the process. Tabithas journey also revealed the true nature of Percival Pickens Chris OShea. It sets the stage for Archie K.J. Apa and friends to come up with a plan to stand against Percival in next weeks Chapter One Hundred and Seven In the Fog but when Percival gets wind of this hes fully prepared to use anything including the weather to stop them. Now The CW has released photos for the upcoming episode that while they dont exactly highlight the titular fog certainly do offer up a chilling vibe.

In the photos which you can scroll through to read we get a look at Cheryl Blossom Madelaine Petsch seemingly having tea with Penelope Blossom Nathalie Boltt who appears to be a nun of some sort now. Theres also a photo of Tabitha along with Jughead Cole Sprouse looking pretty serious. In terms of context the previously released preview for the episode showed a heavy fog rolling into Riverdale one that Percival along with Alice Madchen Amick decide to use to their advantage by suggesting it to be too dangerous for people to leave their homes giving them plenty of space to carry out the next part of their plan.

And as for what Percivals plan is? This week didnt just see Tabitha jump into the past for answers. Tabitha also went forward into the future to see a decimated post apocalyptic wasteland version of Riverdale. She also during her various adventures ended up in a battle with Percival that revealed that hes actually the personification of evil which certainly explains the sudden powers various folks in Riverdale have developed this season. It certainly seems like things are about to get not just more bonkers but potentially downright biblical as well. You can read on for the synopsis for the upcoming episode as well as the photos.


THE FOG COMES TO RIVERDALE After uncovering what Percival guest star Chris OShea has planned for the town Archie KJ Apa Betty Lili Reinhart Jughead Cole Sprouse and Tabitha Erinn Westbrook devise a plan to oust the current town council and instate their own. But when Percival catches wind of their secret meeting he and Alice Mädchen Amick use an upcoming weather event to scare the town into staying in their homes…while they carry out the next step of Percivals master plan. Camila Mendes Madelaine Petsch Casey Cott Vanessa Morgan Charles Melton and Drew Ray Tanner also star. Jeff Woolnough directed the episode written by Chrissy Maroon.

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