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Riverdale: 10 Worst Things Betty & Veronica Ever Did To Each Other

With Riverdale scoring a season 7 renewal at the CW it means that audiences will get to see more of their favorite frenemies Betty and Veronica. The pair have epitomized the frenemy bond that television shows love so much. While the two share a deep love and sisterhood they are not above doing petty things and even some majorly messed up things to each other which hurts their friend badly.The two tussle regularly over matters of love with Archie as the shiny toy. Besides this they arent afraid to exchange cutting words about each other in front of the group and even lie to each other to protect their families at the friends expense. Sometimes its hard to believe that Betty and Ronnie are besties because their attacks on each other just dont stop.

Made Out With Archie During Seven Minutes In Heaven

Veronicas first offense occurred shortly after she joined Riverdale High as the mysterious and beautiful New Yorker. Knowing about Bettys true feelings for Archie at the time Veronica went into the closet with Archie and made out with him while the teens played Seven Minutes In Heaven.This was a big breach of trust and easily the worst thing that happened to Betty at the time because she had considered Ronnie as an ally. She could have easily not kissed Archie but she did and that set the tone of their friendship early on.

Pressured Betty To Do Jingle Jangle

The return of Nick St. Clair brought out the mean girl in Veronica a version of herself that she had worked hard to leave behind. With the presence of Jingle Jangle at the party came temptation and with her old friend around she decided to indulge and even made the other teens do drugs with her.She also tried pressuring Betty to join them knowing very well that her best friend wouldnt dream of it. It made Betty look silly and instead of backing down graciously Veronica passed a snarky remark and called her a wallflower which alienated her best friend further.

Kissed Jughead As Revenge

An eye for an eye was the policy that Veronica followed even with her friends. When she found out about Archie and bettys first kiss at the Lodge lodge as the couples vacationed her viciousness reared its ugly head and she thought a good way to even things out would be to kiss Jughead.The setting was weird since they were all in a hot tub and Betty and Archie were uncomfortable with this happening. Veronica went ahead and did it anyway much to their dismay and viewers cringe.

Searched FPs Trailer Even After Betty Told Her Not To

Jughead and FP were in a precarious position when it came to the murder of Jason Blossom and Betty had specifically asked the increasingly curious Veronica and Archie to stay out of it and let the police do their job. Betty was scared for her boyfriend and had asked for a simple favor from her best friend.However Veronica paid no heed and went ahead and searched FPs trailer anyway only to come up with nothing. Ironically FP did get arrested soon after but with planted evidence.

Lied To Betty And Jughead About Hirams Prison Plans

One of the most scandalous things in Riverdale was Hirams big bad plan for the town. He wanted to raze down Southside High to make it a prison and disenfranchise Riverdale to make SoDale profitable. What was worse was that Veronica knew of her fathers plans for the prison and the sale of the Sunnyside trailer park but lied to Betty about it.She repeatedly told her that she had no idea what was going to happen despite knowing that Jughead and other Southsiders would get uprooted because of it. Veronica often followed in her fathers muddy footsteps.

Got Together With Archie While Looking For The Black Hood

In a similar vein Betty also broke the girl code shamelessly and kissed Archie while the Black Hood blackmailed the two mercilessly. While the two were under duress and in a life or death situation it still did not justify Betty kissing Veronicas lover.In a way she got payback for the closet make out session that Veronica had with Archie but friendship doesnt work that way. Doing bad things to Veronica did not even out their scores.

Humiliated Veronica About Her Lifestyle Publicly

Betty is a verbose young lady with many of the best quotes in Riverdale attributed to her but her speech against Veronica isnt one of them. She attacked her friend calling her foolish privileged and shallow for the substance abuse and hard partying lifestyle.Granted she had been instructed by the Black Hood to humiliate Veronica but she took it too far. She accused Veronica of wearing plunging dresses and recycling banter to make up for how vacuous she was and took it a step further and told her she used her Riverdale friends and put out hits on them when they had no purpose any longer.

Called Her Names In Front Of Their Friends Again

In season 2 as Veronica sang The World According to Chris during rehearsals for Carrie The Musical which the students were putting up Betty simmered quietly on the side but not for long. She goes straight for the jugular again calling Veronica a replica of the fictional Chris — wealthy spoilt and privileged.Moreover she called her controlling of her friends and partner and even said she had major daddy issues. While she may have been right about the last part calling her out like this on camera and in front of the entire class was mean.

Started An Affair With Archie Right Before Prom

The relationship between Archie and Betty always had romantic undertones but Betty acting on it when her best friend was dating him and so close to graduation was a low blow. The two had a major emotional affair going on which also culminated in a few kisses.Whats worse was that Betty had no intention of telling Veronica about it but Archie did anyway. It destroyed prom and graduation for Veronica completely.

Blamed Veronica For Her Fathers Actions

Veronica may have kept some secrets for her father but Betty always held Hirams actions over Ronnies head even when she was faultless. She used Hiram as a compass for Veronicas morality which was wrong because a child is not responsible for their parents mistakes.Ronnie anyway paid the price for being Hirams daughter every day and when her best friend also followed the same narrative it was disheartening for her.


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