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Rick and Morty Celebrates New Blu-ray With Special Promo

Rick and Morty has released a new Blu ray for its complete Seasons 1 5 collection and Adult Swim has launched a special new promo to celebrate! The Adult Swim animated series wrapped up its fifth season last year and fans are anxiously awaiting news about its returning sixth season. A release date has yet to be set for the new episodes and its gotten to the point where even Adult Swim has begun poking fun at fans who keep asking. Which means there is no better time than ever to look back on the series so far and check out your favorite episodes.

Rick and Morty The Complete Seasons 1 5 has officially hit shelves and with it fans now have a new way to gather all five seasons of the series if they have yet to invest in previous collections. It includes some special features such as deleted scenes commentaries and some additional material revealing a better idea of how some of the episodes are made and Rick and Morty has released a special promo to celebrate.

As for whats coming next Rick and Morty Season 6 has been scheduled for a release some time this year. The series has yet to set a concrete release date or window just yet but it will likely just have a surprise premiere date much like previous seasons have had. But since this also means the wait between each season is now shorter than ever its also a great sign of whats to come for the future. If you wanted another option to check out Rick and Mortys first five seasons you can now find the entire series run streaming with HBO Max and Hulu. If you still want to see more after that there are a few special anime episodes that are only available to check out on Adult Swims official YouTube channel.

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