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Rick and Morty Announces Special May Marathon

Rick And Morty is set to make a comeback with the arrival of its sixth season at some time this year in 2022 but before new episodes arrive the surreal series is set to have a special marathon this May from its latest season. With the television show following the Smith Family easily becoming one of the biggest series on Adult Swim its no surprise to see that the programming block is taking the opportunity to replay some of the biggest installments from the shows past.

Rick And Morty first premiered in 2013 on Cartoon Network garnering fifty one episodes to date. With the latest season of the series the Smith Family found themselves dealing with decoy families exploding galaxies a faux version of Captain Planet and the machinations of Evil Morty. In the two part season finale of the latest season Rick And Morty returned to the Citadel of Ricks with the countless alternate versions of the mad scientist grandfather being destroyed as a result of the current President of the locale the eye patch wearing Morty looking to escape the fate of all Mortys. With Evil Morty managing to escape the universe that seems to be tailored to Ricks it will be interesting to see if the sixth season dives into what happened to this antagonist.

Twitter Outlet Swimpedia shared the news that a marathon of Rick And Morty is set to take place on Wednesday May 4th with six episodes from the latest season set to run back to back following episodes from some other Adult Swim stalwart series including King of the Hill Bobs Burgers and American Dad. Currently Adult Swim has yet to reveal the specific release date for the sixth season though a seventh season has also already been confirmed to eventually land on Cartoon Network. With the popularity of Rick And Morty only growing over the years it is definitely possible that well see new episodes featuring the Smith Family for years to come.

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