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Rick And Morty: 10 Characters Rick Never Interacts With

There is a new character introduced in almost every episode of Rick and Morty even if they only appear in a single episode. Rick and Morty are the main characters so its rare to have a character introduced that they dont interact with. Its even rarer for Rick to not come in contact with them as he tends to know more people and has more resources.Some characters only interact with one other person usually Morty and its uncommon that Morty is without Rick. Out of all five seasons there is only a handful of characters that Rick never meets or interacts with on screen.

10 S5Ep3 A Rick convenient Mort Planetina

Planetina is an environmental hero that Morty meets when the Diesel Weasel causes acid rain. They develop feelings for each other and sort of start dating publicly. It all moves very fast but things quickly change as Morty kills the Tina teers Planetinas keepers and Planetina goes on an ecological rampage destroying everything in her path.This episode features Summer going on an adventure with Rick. They travel to three different planets with hedonistic and sexy intentions. They are off planet for the entirety of the episode so Rick never interacts with Planetina on Earth.

9 S5Ep5 A Mortycan Grickfitti Bruce Chutback

This episode features another rare occurrence a Rick Jerry adventure! Rick takes Jerry on a hellish getaway at a karaoke bar with demons. Beth crashes their party leaving Morty and Summer back at the house alone.Bruce is a new student at their high school so Morty invites him over and Summer is totally on board because hes popular and she thinks hes cute. He is intrigued by Ricks spaceship so Morty and Summer take him for a ride in it so he thinks theyre cool. They end up being detained by galactic authorities specifically by an alien named Alyson Hannigan another character Rick never meets.

8 S4Ep8 The Vat Of Acid Episode Mortys Girlfriend

This episode is crazy for a lot of reasons the most prominent being the sequence of Morty meeting a girl. Rick invents a remote for him that allows him to reset time. While Morty is playing with it he runs into an unnamed girl entering a cafe. A montage begins that presumably takes place over weeks of Morty spending time and falling in love with this girl.This montage happens all at once and Rick doesnt even appear in it at all. Their love affair ends when Jerry accidentally hits the reset button which sends Morty all the way back in time to before he met his girlfriend.

7 S2Ep4 Auto Erotic Assimilation Blim Blam

Blim Blam is a Korblock that Rick captured and has been keeping in the garage. So at some point Rick obviously interacted with this character in the process of abducting him but they never appear on screen together. In this episode Morty and Rick are visiting Ricks ex partner Unity on the planet they recently overtook.Beth and Jerry discover the alien while Rick and Morty are off planet. They see him chained to the wall and they release him because Jerry convinces Beth that Rick is holding him hostage. As it turns out Blim Blam is a murderer who eats babies and Rick took him in to prevent the alien from doing all that and to cure his Space AIDS.

6 S1Ep3 Anatomy Park Dr. Xenon Bloom

In this episode Morty goes on a solo adventure inside Ruben a homeless man in a Santa suit that Rick found. Morty gets shrunk down Magic School Bus style and enters Anatomy Park a theme park that Rick created. Inside he meets Dr. Xenon Bloom along with Annie and Poncho.Rick stays on the outside the whole time and when Ruben dies from all the various bacteria in his body he flies the body into space with all the people inside it. Annie and Morty eventually get out but Dr. Xenon Bloom is attacked by the E. Coli virus before he is able to escape.

5 S5 Ep1 Mort Dinner Rick Andre Hoovy And The Narnian Race

While it is stated that Rick threw the wine into the dimension years ago Morty is the only one who enters the Narnian world in this episode. Morty comes to retrieve the wine and Hoovy offers his help. They travel back to Earth but when Hoovy returns decades have gone by because time moves differently in different dimensions.Rick is occupied by Mr. Nimbus in this episode and continuously asks Morty to get more wine. The audience sees Narnia evolve and adapt as their society grows and centuries pass. At one point a Narnian does follow Morty back through the portal and Rick does see him but he is instantly killed.

4 Davin Multiple Episodes

Davin worked at the same horse hospital as Beth and was only in two episodes before being killed by Jerry in Rick Potion No. 9. Davin is never seen outside the hospital so it makes sense that Rick would never have run into him.Davin is introduced in the pilot episode of the series and it is immediately clear that he has acrush on Beth and has every intention of stealing her from Jerry. Jerry announces his distaste and in the second and final episode Davin appears in Jerry slays him with a crowbar. He kills him because he has turned into a Mantis Person who is obsessed with Morty but also because hes been waiting for his moment.

3 Ethan Multiple Episodes

Ethan is Summers crush and at one point boyfriend who appears in a few episodes. The first episode that he is a major player in is Anatomy Park in which Rick is in the garage the entire time monitoring shrunken Morty and therefore they never cross paths. He also appears in Get Shwifty but nothing of note happens.Ethan next appears in The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy. Rick is off planet with Jerry in this episode so when he is seen with another girl its up to Morty to break it up. Summer ends up trying to change her appearance so Ethan might like her more but when that doesnt work she returns to normal. Morty then horribly disfigured Ethan for hurting Summer.

2 S1Ep10 Close Rick Counters Of The Rick Kind Cult Leader Morty

Rick and Morty discover a hideout planet where Evil Rick has been holding various Mortys hostage. While Rick goes to deal with Evil Rick Morty discovers this cult of Mortyism as he begins to wonder if Rick is just using him.Morty leads a rebellion as The One True Morty that has come to save them all. They were all just in this dungeon reading the holy book The Good Morty waiting for the chosen one to show up. Morty leads them out but they never meet Rick.

1 S1Ep9 Something Ricked This Way Comes Plutonians

Rick spends this entire episode with Summer at her new job at an antique store. Morty spends the episode with Jerry creating a science project which eventually lands them on Pluto. It is a scientific fact that Pluto at this moment is not considered a planet but Jerry is very adamant that it is.The Plutonians worship Jerry and denounce Morty who is begging Jerry to tell them the truth that their government is hiding from them. King Flippynips captures some people and only then does Jerry retract his earlier statement and tell the Plutonians of their problems. This all happens when Rick is on Earth ruining The Devils self esteem.

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