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Review Dancing with the Stars needed the 3-year break – here’s why

Tonight’s sexiest performance goes to Sonia Gray and Aaron Gilmore. Photo Supplied After a three-year Covid-19 forced hiatus Dancing with the Stars New Zealand is finally back on our screens. But after such a long wait and so many hiccups has this icon of New Zealand television lost its sparkle Or is this return to reality TV normal everything we needed after two years of Tiger King and Selling Sunset induced binge-watching

Dancing with the Stars The nine celebrities for this … Destiny Church’s Hannah Tamaki axed from Dancing with … What it’s really like to go Dancing with the Stars … The Discovery show for starters has undergone a facelift of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proportions. We have a fresh host Clint Randell having replaced Dai Henwood and teaming up with Sharyn Casey. We have new judges dancers Lance Savali and James Luck who sit alongside the stalwart Camilla Sacre-Dallerup. And we have our first same-sex pairing in comedian Eli Matthewson and show veteran Jonny Williams.

Wardrobe absolutely blew the budget with these opening outfits. Photo Supplied Wardrobe absolutely blew the budget with these opening outfits. Photo Supplied And it was ever so evident on night one that the show had gone under the knife with a showstopping intro routine that would have looked perfectly at home in the bright lights of Vegas. Someone clearly needs to tell Adele what can be pulled together in just three weeks. The wardrobe pyrotechnics and set have all had what appeared to be a significant financial injection lessons we can only hope were learned from The Masked Singer’s lack thereof. But it was exactly what a show with a three-year hiatus and international pandemic interrupting it needed.

Keep up with the latest in lifestyle and entertainment By signing up for this newsletter you agree to NZME’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comedian Rhys Mathewson was up first with some hidden tap skills up his sleeve as he took on the jive with dance partner Phoebe Robb. It was adorable entertaining and aptly comedic – I genuinely found myself impressed with the skill level of Mathewson. Clearly he isn’t just here for a laugh Mathewson is tapping his way to the top.

Newstalk ZB host Kerre Woodham and dancing partner Jared Neame instantly hit us with charm and bucketloads of honesty. Once they hit the dance floor Woodham showcased her soft side and appeared to instantly relax and even play up to the cameras while on the dance floor. Kerre Woodham stunned in blue on opening night. Photo Supplied Reality television star Alex Vaz and Brittany Coleman brought the beauty and Vaz brought some uncharacteristic honesty and vulnerability. If he keeps his shirtvest on he could charm the New Zealand public yet. Partner Coleman may have put it best when she remarked I don’t hate him yet but there’s still lots of time. Preach.

Mental health advocate and social media star Jazz Thornton quickly cemented her status as one to watch this season and partner Brad Coleman who was done wrong with that gold collar on the deep V appeared to be her perfect match. She is sure to get buy-in from a younger audience and anyone with a TikTok account. Boxer and motivational speaker David Letele charmed the pants off the nation with his humble demeanour words and cheeky smile. Partner Kristie Williams was the perfect accompaniment to a love able Letele and it was a passionate performance with Letele finding his unique groove.

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