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Reddit’s Favorite Seasons Of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (& Why)

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is TVs longestrunning liveaction sitcom and some seasons are better than others. Sitcom Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been going strong since 25. Both a cult item and a mainstream success at least somewhat the show has gone on to become the longestrunning liveaction sitcom of all time.

RELATED; Its Always Sunnys 11 Most Experimental Episodes. That accomplishment is both incredible and understandable. For one the show is a niche item that is far from universally appealing especially those who cringe at cursing yet its reached a wide enough audience on a relatively small network FX then FXX that it may very well extend to Season 2. For now though fans will have to settle for a decade and a half of hysterical material some of which ranks higher than others.

9 Season 8. sharlenes was very clear Definitely eight for me theres not an episode in that season I havent seen a million times. Reynolds vs Reynolds is my favorite episode on top of that. Reynolds vs. Reynolds The Cereal Defense is a very fun episode though its far from enough to give Season 8 the crown. A nowdeleted user also championed the season in a separate thread I thought season 8 was a good one. It felt like a return to some of the original style after season 7 which definitely felt a bit different especially in the early episodes.

10 Season 11 TheJuggernaut said that they really liked season 11. Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs was amazing. The ski resort episode had me dying. The Redditor has a point about Suburbs one of the greatest episodes from the past five seasons. And while The Gang Hits the Slopes doesnt meet that mark it still has some very memeable Charlie Kelly moments. While GoldenGuy444 was discussing Season 12 they also showed some love for Season 11. In particular its finale I have a soft spot for Season 11s insanity The Gang Goes to Hell is so underrated it hurts but felt that Season 12 felt much more refined. They then reaffirmed their point with No matter what anyone says The Gang Goes to Hell is the best Season finale the series has done. No matter how Mind F****** this Season finale felt. The Redditor has a point on The Gang Goes to Hell its at the very least the most intelligent characterdeepening season finale of the series.


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