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Red Hood Confirms Fans Misunderstand His Death

Jason Todds death is often attributed to the Joker beating him with a crowbar but Task Force Z #8 clears up this misconception to the BatFamily.

The death of Jason Todd also known as Red Hood is one of the most dramatic moments in the history of DC Comics. As Batmans second Robin Jason was killed by the Joker during the events of the 1988 Batman A Death in the Family storyline from Jim Starlin Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo. Jason stayed dead for years until he was resurrected as Red Hood in 2004.

As one might expect Jasons death is an infamous moment within the DC Universe a fact that is addressed in the newest issue of Task Force Z. Task Force Z follows Red Hoods dysfunctional zombie Suicide Squad composed of dead villains such as Bane Arkham Knight Mr. Freeze ManBat Deadshot and SunDowner who are all brought back to life thanks to doses of the Lazarus Resin. The Resin itself is incredibly dangerous and could have adverse effects on Gotham if it gets in the wrong hands a fact that Red Hood and his team are now trying to mitigate. However Batman has not been supportive of Jasons role on the team which is understandable given his close proximity to some of the biggest names in Bruces rogues gallery.

In Task Force Z #8 after stealing Batmans sample of the Lazarus Resin Red Hood is ambushed by several members of the BatFamily including Nightwing Tim Drakes Robin and Cassandra Cains Batgirl. While fighting with each other Tim makes the remark that The crowbars are a little bit morbid no? Jason responds by correcting them that he wasnt actually killed by a crowbar he was killed by the bomb that the Joker detonated after Jason tried to get his mother to safety. Task Force Z #8 is written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Jesus Merino Jack Herbert and Vicente Cifuentes colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Rob Leigh.

Red Hood is right for clearing up details about his death especially given the ways that his character has been defined by victimhood in some Jokerrelated stories. By saying that he died like a hero Jason makes it clear that the BatFamily can no longer use the brutal manner of his death as a way to denigrate his use of crowbars as a weapon. Additionally Red Hoods actions in Task Force Z are indicative of Jason Todds stubborn and rebellious nature traits reflected in the fact that the Joker never succeeded in killing him with the crowbar. Even after being brutally beaten Jason still tried to protect his mother. On another level however Jason describing his final actions as heroic brings up a concerning theme in how his death has been memorialized by Batman who frequently described him as a fallen soldier rather than an innocent child killed by an incredibly evil man.

Either way its about time that Jason set the record straight about the events of his death at the hands of the Joker. Task Force Z has been part of a larger moment in DCs Infinite Frontier era that has given Red Hood the transformational arc he has always deserved. With the details of his death now cleared up hopefully Red Hood will continue to subvert his family and readers expectations in a way that only Jason Todd can.

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