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Red Dead Redemption & RDR2s Easiest Characters To Cosplay

The Red Dead Redemption series is full of interesting visually distinct characters but some of them are easier to cosplay as than others. Red Dead Redemption Characters Who Are Easy To Cosplay As Sadie Adler Uncle Sean Maguire Molly OShea The Red Dead Redemption franchise is one that is filled with interesting one-of-a-kind characters. Across both major entries that is 2011s Red Dead Redemption and 2018s Red Dead Redemption II prequel there are countless personalities that have been received as despicable lovable funny or pitiful but nearly all of them are memorable. The series large cast ranges from Red Dead Redemption enigmas like the Strange Man to complex introspective characters like Arthur Morgan and this diverse roster makes the game ripe for cosplay inspiration.

Creating a believable respectable cosplay outfit isnt always as easy as it may seem. One might think that a franchise like Red Dead Redemption with its grounded aesthetic and historically accurate costume design would be less of a challenge for cosplayers than a game like World of Warcraft which features much more dramatic fantastical characters and outfits. However the opposite can sometimes be true as cosplayers have to capture the image of a character through more subtle means.

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So for those looking to dip their toes into the world of Red Dead Redemption cosplay they should choose a character with a distinctive yet simple appearance if they want to have an easy time with things. This means that apparel accessories and easy-to-replicate physical features should come first as iconic Red Dead Redemption hats and fashions will be instantly recognizable to fans of the games. To that end there are some characters that will be easier to cosplay than others.

Uncle Could Make For A Sloppy Red Dead Cosplay

Starting things off with one of the characters that were carried over from the first Red Dead Redemption dopey drunken slovenly Uncle would be a great choice for someone thinking of doing a Red Dead Redemption cosplay. Uncle is characterized by his bushy white facial hair and unkempt appearance. With that in mind would-be cosplayers with access to a decent false beard and a couple of dirty button-downs should be able to pull this look off quite easily.

Uncle is bald on the top of his head too but thick-maned cosplayers can easily conceal their locks with a hat which is conveniently also part of this characters signature look. Dying the visible hair gray to simulate Uncles elderly appearance in Red Dead Redemption would also be a must. Throw on some red makeup to recreate his flushed skin and a very believable Uncle cosplay is born.

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