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Red Dead Redemption 3s Protagonist Could Beat Arthur & John

While John Marston and Arthur Morgan are beloved characters Rockstar could end up introducing an even better protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 3. Arthur Morgan and John Marston are two of the most iconic video game characters of all time but a third Red Dead Redemption game could introduce a new protagonist that blows them both out of the water. Although there are many ways in which Arthur Morgan and John Marston are different they are both typically considered to be among the best characters in Rockstars sprawling pantheon owing to their complexity. However Arthur is a much more complex and fleshedout character than John so Rockstar could continue this trend of improving the protagonist in a third entry.

Both John and Arthur have deep backstories wellestablished goals motivations and fears but Red Dead Redemption 2 gave players an intimate look at Arthur Morgan that surpassed the attention given to Johns psyche in the first game. As such Red Dead Redemption 2 was helmed by a much more intriguing and conflicted character. Arthurs internal struggle between right and wrong his loyalty to Dutch and the gang and his troubled past are all things that have contributed to him being a stronger character than John and Arthurs strong development shows how Rockstar was willing to work hard to craft a memorable Red Dead Redemption 2 lead.

Whether Red Dead Redemption 3 centers on Jack Marston or introduces another protagonist its possible that history could repeat itself and a stronger more alluring main character will emerge. Since virtually nothing is known about Red Dead Redemption 3 and the game isnt even confirmed there is plenty of room to speculate about what this new protagonist will look like. Factors like this hypothetical games setting and basic premise are factors that could wind up influencing its protagonist.
How Red Dead Redemption 3s Protagonist Can Be the Best One

The world and tone of Red Dead Redemption is well established at this point and a lot of groundwork has already been laid as it pertains to things like side characters and historical events. Because of this a new outlaw could emerge one with a wildly different personality than Arthur or John who could react to this preestablished world in a unique way. Conversely a character like Sadie Adler could lead Red Dead Redemption 3 giving players more insight into an already established and liked character. A similar approach could be taken if Jack Marston is the star of Red Dead Redemption 3 as players only got a glimpse into his adult life and could learn more about him.

This is all assuming that Red Dead Redemption 3 is a sequel rather than another prequel. A third Red Dead Redemption game could also introduce an entirely new setting and group of characters maintaining only the Western aesthetic tone and general world building elements. Whichever direction Rockstar might choose to take with this theoretical game there would be plenty of opportunities for unique character building. The writers behind the franchise have a great deal of experience creating iconic characters so Red Dead Redemption 3s protagonist could very well be better than John and Arthur.

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