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Red Bull plane swap video FAA opens investigation after crashlanding in skydiving stunt gone wrong

A historic midair plane swap between two skydivers has gone horribly wrong after one of the aircraft spiralled out of control and crashed in a field. The unexpected hitch forced the stranded pilot to parachute to a safe landing as his partner comfortably reached the other plane and resumed its descent. Watch the dramatic moment in the video above Watch the latest sport on Channel 7 or stream for free on 7plus Red Bullsponsored athletes Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington who are cousins attempted what the drinks company advertised as a world first on Sunday in Arizona. The Cessna 182 planes were pitched into a synchronised nosedive at 14000 feet 4000m with the engines stopped while a custom manufactured air brake held the planes at a controlled descent speed of 225kmh.

But one of the planes tipped and spiralled almost immediately after Aikins leapt from the aircraft at 12100 feet 3688m. While Aikins made his way to Farringtons plane Farrington abandoned his plan to reach the other. It just went and instead of stopping in that 90degree dive it just kept going and got over on his back Farrington said. It was just not a chance. Youre just happy everybodys here and good and all that stuff but just disappointed. Footage shared by Red Bull athlete Carlos Pedro Briceno watching from a nearby base showed the plane only deployed its emergency parachute as it neared the ground.

Another image showed the plane suffered heavy damage after landing on its nose. Police and firefighters were on hand but there were no injuries reported after the incident. Authorities investigating The Federal Aviation Administration FAA has now launched an investigation into the stunt which it says never received the green light to go ahead. The agency said in a statement it had not approved Red Bulls request on Friday for a safety exemption. In a denial letter FAA argued the attempt would not be in the public interest and cannot find that the proposed operation would not adversely affect safety.

The stunt took place in winds of about 10kmh lower than in previous days. Aikins who said everything had gone through testing except the dive itself was unable to immediately explain what went wrong. I thought I left Andy a good plane. Im trying to think of what else I could have done to make it better for him when I left Aikins said. We do what we can to prepare for this stuff and we hope it never happens. This is the best outcome of a bummer situation really. Red Bull earlier said the planned feat had undergone hours of research and development.

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