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‘Queen’ Victoria Larson Calls The Bachelor ‘Worst Experience’ Of Her Life

The Bachelors very own Victoria Larson is letting everyone know just how she feels about the show and it is not good. Victoria solidified herself as one of the villains of Matt James season almost instantly. She arrived with a crown dawned on her head and a scepter in hand and insisted everyone including Matt call her Queen Victoria. What started out as a cute little nudge to show her worth quickly began rubbing the other women the wrong way. While The Bachelor wasnt a stranger to cattiness Matts season was the first where true bullying took place. With Victoria being one of the main culprits. At times Bachelor Nation wondered if she was even a real person as her behavior was so outlandish and rude.

Interrupting women mid sentence only to tear them down constantly reminding people of royal status and making up lies about drama. The latter unfortunately got the soft spoken Maralynn Sienna sent home when Victoria confessed to Matt about how she felt Maralynn was so toxic. In a surprise twist three weeks into the competition five women including future Bachelorette Michelle Young were added to the cast. This didnt sit well with most women especially Victoria. Who upon seeing there was literal royalty in new contestant former Miss Puerto Rican Universe Catalina Morales stole her crown off her head and pranced around the party wearing it. Victoria was finally eliminated the following week and though she tried to make an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise she only lasted one week before being sent home.

Since then Victorias always talked about her time on the show in a positive light but now shes opening up and she is not holding back. This week Victoria took to her Instagram Stories which was captured by Us Weekly to share about someone assuming she was rude based on her appearance on the show adding Doing the show was probably the worst experience of my life and I hate the producers truly. However I try and look with greater perspective. This level of candidness prompted a Q&A. When asked why she hated the producers Victoria responded Because theyre manipulative and pick and choose story lines. Its not unusual for producers especially producers of The Bachelor to fabricate scenarios or prompt people into acting a certain way in the name of a good plot line.

Victoria alludes to this in a screenshot she shared of someone who commented on her first post stating You literally pulled a crown off a girls head? Those were your actions. To which Victoria responds sarcastically Yea and Im sureeee that was My IDEA. However there is a level of accountability that has to go along with it. The producers may have asked her to do something but it was her decision whether to go through with it or not.Though it does seem based on previous comments Victoria was told the antics she would get into would only make the audience love her more she clearly feels misled.Victorias reign may not have lasted long but it was a memorable one. Her rise and fall and honesty about the experience serve as a warning for any future contestants. Be careful about the actions the producers suggest. The one complaint Victoria has consistently said since her time on the show is that Bachelor Nation never got to see the real her. She got lost in the antics and by the time it was all edited she was unrecognizable. Her last piece of advice? Focus on my blessings always she said.

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