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Pokémon What Could Have Happened Between Brock and Professor Ivy?

For some reason Brock becomes dispirited whenever the subject of Professor Ivy comes up. Many people have their own theories about what happened.

One of the biggest mysteries of the Pokémon anime is what happened to Brock during Season 2. While Ash was exploring the Orange Islands Brock decided it would be best to help Professor Ivy at her lab on Valencia Island. When Ash got back to Pallet Town he found Brock there but wasnt sure what happened to Professor Ivy. Whenever anyone brought up the subject Brock would become despondent and only answer with things like Dont mention that name or I dont wanna talk about it.

The ambiguity surrounding Professor Ivy has left many fans wondering what actually happened between her and Brock. Using what little evidence there is and some imagination all kinds of theories have surfaced on the matter. Heres a look at some of the more prominent theories and evidence as well as some additional theories.

One outofuniverse theory suggests that Brock was removed from the show in case American fans perceived him as offensive. According to the director and storyboard artist Masamitsu Hidaka this was related to his eyes. Furthermore Tracey was brought in as a tall white Anglolooking character to replace him just to be on the safe side. Brock would later be brought back with the realization that fans loved him and didnt really care about his looks. Whether this is true or not however it still wouldnt explain what happened between Brock and Professor Ivy. Some have theories regarding Professor Ivys sexual identity and orientation. Many fans like to joke that Professor Ivy was once a man and finding that out was what traumatized Brock. Takeshi Shudo the original head writer of the Pokemon anime put forth in Pocket Monsters The Animation that Professor Ivy might have been a lesbian. Whether these theories are true or not theyre at least fun to joke about.

Some of the most prevalent and plausible theories simply suggest that Brock revealed his romantic feelings for Professor Ivy but she didnt reciprocate them. This could be for a number of reasons it could be Brocks age his overbearing nature or simply the fact that hes not her type. Or it could be that she was already married. In any case these theories end with Brock returning to the Kanto mainland rejected and dejected. As likely as rejection sounds it doesnt necessarily explain what about this rejection in particular could have traumatized Brock so badly. In most other cases where a woman doesnt return his feelings hes fairly quick to recover from it. If he really was turned down by Professor Ivy there would have to be much more to it before he would turn out how Ash and co. found him.

Its possible that Brock took Professor Ivys rejection particularly hard due to the extended time he spent with her. Usually when courting women Brock has someone like Misty Max or Croagunk to drag him off before he gets carried away. Whats more the object of Brocks affection would often be gone by the end of an episode. He would never have time to grow attached to any single woman.

However Brock was never made to leave Professor Ivys side nor was he only around her for one episode. Its possible that Brocks extended period of time around the professor gave him more time to explore his feelings and more deeply fall in love with her. This would ultimately make getting turned down by her all the more painful.
This could also be affected by when Brock might have made his feelings clear. The sooner he could have told her the more time he would have had to stew over his rejection. What would make it especially awkward is if he still felt obligated to spend time helping the Professor with her chores before rejoining Ash.

Considering he was still with her by the time of the second movie The Power of One he can at least be said to have spent a long time around her. Brock may have put himself through several cycles of confessing getting rejected moping hoping things might change and confessing again. Whatever really happened between Brock and Professor Ivy may never be truly revealed. This might actually be for the best as it lets the fans come up with whatever eccentric theories they can think of and make them their headcanon. Maybe Professor Ivy really was a man or maybe she just didnt like Brock back. As long as neither the anime nor the collective staff elaborates on this mystery anything is possible.

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