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Pokémon Unite Datamine Uncovers New Wild Pokémon Game Mode

A Pokémon Unite datamine has apparently uncovered a new game mode that will let players collect and control any wild Pokémon that they defeat.

Dataminers have uncovered a fascinating new Pokémon Unite game mode that will let gamers play as wild Pokémon. TiMi Studio Groups multiplayer online battle arena lets players take control of various pocket monsters and work as a team to become the very best. Since launch Pokémon Unite has received several new playable Pokémon like the melee allrounder Azumarill but an upcoming game mode could dramatically increase the titles roster.

As a freetoplay liveservice title Pokémon Unite has received frequent updates since its launch back in July 2021. The MOBA initially included a lineup of popular creatures like Pikachu and Charizard and since then even more iconic Pokémon have entered the arena like Blastoise and Azumarill. The basic gameplay of Pokémon Unite sees two teams of five players competing to score more points than their rivals. Points can be earned by beating wild Pokémon defeating rival players or capturing one of several control points spread across the map. TiMi Studio Group has also added new content outside of playable characters with a recent patch adding game achievements to Pokémon Unite that fans can earn by completing various challenges.

As revealed by Twitter user Sobbies Unite Datamine and reported by TheGamer a future Pokémon Unite update may let players capture and control wild Pokémon. Currently wild Pokémon only exist ingame for players to defeat but Sobbies Unite Datamine recently posted a video of a suspiciously playable Articuno. While the specifics of the mode are still unclear TheGamer surmises that players may be able to control wild Pokémon that they defeat in battle. This exciting feature would effectively double the number of playable pocket monsters available in Pokémon Unite though wild Pokémon may have a limited moveset. Sobbies footage takes place in the Mer Stadium map but this mysterious PokémonCatching Mode could theoretically be added to other maps too.

Since the game has been entirely freetoplay since launch a recentlyannounced Pokémon Unite paid subscription service has outraged fans. This paid service will reward subscribers with a monthly allowance of Holowear UNITE license trials Chat Balloons Gems and more. Fans are angry at the addition of paid subscriptions to the freetoplay game but thankfully big updates like the PokémonCatching Mode will not be restricted to paying players. The membership will apparently cost 1150 Yen for Japanese gamers and no other prices have been revealed by TiMi Studio Group.

Pokémon Unite already features a respectable roster of magical monsters and the leaked PokémonCatching Mode could dramatically expand this lineup. The idea of gradually building an arsenal of controllable creatures is very unique so the mode would add great variety to the MOBA experience. Sobbies leak is by no means official however so only time will tell whether this new game mode ever becomes a reality.


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