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Patty Griffins New Album Features Robert Plant Collaboration

Singer song writer Patty Griffin will release TAPE on June 1 a collection of rare demos and home recordings. All of the songs on the upcoming album were handpicked by Griffin herself after combing through old personal recordings chronicling a 26year career. I really liked some of the songs. They were better than I had remembered the singer said in a statement. TAPE will be the first collection of new material since the Americana artists selftitled Grammywinning album in 219.

Griffin said she came across the rarities and deep cuts for TAPE during the pandemic as she was digging through apps that served as a notebook of her past recordings. It all seemed worth listening to. Back then I didnt think so but I do now. One of the songs that stood out to her was a previously recorded duet with Robert Plant. The unnamed tune had been part of the pairs first recording session in Nashville several years ago and will be included on the June album.

Griffin and Plant first joined forces in Band of Joy during the groups 21 incarnation. We get a lot of energy from each others singing the Americana artist told Billboard. We both have similar places that we come from as singersa lot of emotion and sometimes the emotion overrides technique. He inspires me. He goes far and deep. The two eventually became a couple and even shook off marriage speculation after rumors popped up that they had eloped. The relationship fizzled around 214 but the friendship and musical connection have survived.

Plant and Griffin are not only successful collaborators but they are fans of one another too. In his Digging Deep podcast Plant explained how Griffin came into his life as Band of Joy began work on their cover of U.S. indie band Lows Monkey. She comes by and says hi and then we start singing together Plant recalled and it was like Whoa what how do you do that It was a real earthmoving moment because the song is so seductive and so beautiful and so remote in its original form. And that was really the beginning of Patty and I singing together for two years or so.

The former Led Zeppelin singer contributed to Griffins 213 release American Kid and also added backing vocals to two songs on 219s Patty Griffin album What Now and Coins. Griffins newest offering TAPE is available for preorder now. A complete track list tour dates and lyric video for the lead single Get Lucky can be found below.

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