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Parks & Rec Theory Reveals OG Character Secretly Caused Leslie & Ron’s Feud

According to a fan theory Mark Brandanawicz secretly helped cause the feud between Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation season 7. Mark Paul Schneider was the Pawnee city planner who had a prominent role in the first two seasons of Parks and Rec. However he was never seen or mentioned again in the show after he left following the end of his relationship with Leslies Amy Poehler best friend Ann Perkins Rashida Jones and his increasing disillusionment with government work. Perhaps unsurprisingly this has led to many fan theories about what happened to him including a particularly dark theory that Mark Brendanawicz died following his exit from the series.Parks and Rec season 7s feud centered on Rons Nick Offerman building company Very Good Building and Development Company becoming involved in the development and building of the Morningstar luxury apartments adjacent to the Pawnee Commons. Not only had Ron failed to let Leslie know about his involvement but the project also required Anns house among others to be demolished. In actuality the fight was due more to Leslie standing Ron up for a lunch date when he was going to ask her for a job. He was even willing to work for the National Parks Service because he missed her and all his friends after Leslie Knope started her new job as Midwest Regional Director.

However according to a fan theory via Reddit Mark may have also been involved in Morningstars development. After leaving his job at Pawnee City Hall he started working for Norton Construction. In Parks and Rec season 7 episode 4 Leslie and Ron a sign for the Morningstar apartments showed the name and logo of Norton Construction prominently displayed. Given his role as a planner for the construction company the theory would suggest that Mark had effectively torn down his ex girlfriends house and helped cause the rift between Leslie and Ron.On top of this Parks and Rec season 5 episode 10 Two Parties also revealed that the Morningstar development was not the first time Norton Construction had been involved in a project involving Ann Perkins house. In the episode Councilman Jamm tried to push through the building of a Paunch Burger in the vacant lot next to the house that Leslie was trying to turn into a park to subsequently become the Pawnee Commons. In a shot of the sign at the start of the build the Norton Construction logo was again on display. As such this could suggest a pattern of behavior consistent with an unhappy ex partner taking some sort of revenge.

What remains unclear is exactly how long Mark Brendanawicz remained with Norton Construction. For this reason it might be worth considering an alternate explanation. Another logo displayed just below Norton Construction on the Morningstar sign was for Wreston St. James Eagletons design firm. While St. James showed he was a decent man and was responsible for the design of the Pawnee Commons the same could not necessarily be said of his Eagleton colleagues. Despite the work Leslie Knope did to save Eagleton when the town was on the verge of bankruptcy some may have behaved in typical Eagletonian fashion by involving themselves in building an apartment complex that is fittingly named after the devil.Truthfully the significance of the logos is more of a fun callback for eagle eyed viewers than the underlying cause of the rift between the two characters. After all Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson were two very different people with diametrically opposed political beliefs. What united them was mutual respect a belief in the decency and honor of each other and a love for Lil Sebastian and breakfast food. Given that Parks and Recreation season 2 hinted at their fallout attributing too much significance to Mark Brendanawiczs or Wreston St. James involvement in Morningstar would be to miss the joy that Parks and Recreation so often brought to viewers. The beauty of the episode lies in the revelations and acceptance of mistakes made. Leslie and Ron finding a way to share the responsibility and regret for the disagreement successfully elevated the show and paved the way for its heartwarming finale.

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