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Parks & Rec: Jerry’s Fart Attack Made The Show’s Biggest Problem Even Worse

Parks and Recreation introduced viewers to some truly colorful characters among those Jerry Gergich the one character everyone incessantly made fun of and there was a turning point in Jerrys story that made the series biggest problem even worse his fart attack which was the beginning of one of Parks and Recreations worst changes. Created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur Parks and Recreation is often considered among the best TV shows of the decade and while it has many memorable characters moments and jokes it also has its weaknesses mainly how much it failed Jerry Gergich.

Parks and Recreation took the audience to the fictional town of Pawnee Indiana where they met the Parks Department crew led by the always optimist Leslie Knope Amy Poehler. Over the course of seven seasons Leslie shared the spotlight with her closest friends and coworkers and many of them became quite popular with the audience and were at the center of some of the shows best jokes as was the case of Jerry Gergich Jim OHeir. Jerry whose real name is Garry Gergich is one of Leslies coworkers at the Parks Department who stood out for being very kind to those around him but also for being constantly bullied by those in the Parks Department.

At the beginning of Parks and Recreation Jerry Gergich was the office manager of the Parks Department and the show even had a visual running gag of his desk getting smaller and smaller with time as more people arrived at the Department. Jerry was kind hearted but also very clumsy which led to never ending mockery from his coworkers particularly Tom Haverford Aziz Ansari and April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza. Jerry accepted all the jokes pranks and mean comments with a smile and continued to deeply care about his coworkers but he wasnt always like that and it was after his fart attack that Jerry became incredibly submissive making Parks and Recreations biggest problem Jerrys bullying even worse.

During the early season of Parks and Recreation Jerry showed some frustration and annoyance at the way he was treated by his coworkers and he even looked angry on some occasions. In Parks and Recreation season 5 Leslie and Ann scared Jerry as he came out of the bathroom resulting in a heart attack along with a bout of flatulence which they later referred to as a fart attack. This was a turning point in Jerrys arc as after this he became a lot more submissive and tolerated all types of bullying against him and while many jokes and pranks were inoffensive there were many that crossed the line and were humiliating. The way Jerry was treated in Parks and Recreation has drawn criticism and even though the writers tried to make up for it by giving Jerry a perfect family it wasnt enough.

Jerrys change after his fart attack was disrespectful to the character and made the problem of him being bullied even worse as his friends and coworkers should have been the ones who changed the way they treated Jerry rather than him becoming more submissive and accepting of all their jokes and more. It has been theorized that Jerry was so clumsy at work and pretty much around those who bullied him precisely because of how they treated him as at home and when he thought nobody was looking he was skilled and confident. Jerrys fart attack in Parks and Recreation was funny but the aftermath of it only perpetuated the shows biggest problem.

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