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Outlander: Why We’re Excited for the Final Season

Fanatics of the STARZ series Outlander were recently met with bittersweet news about the show. It was renewed for an eighth season, but the time-traveling love story between a 20th-century Englishwoman and an 18th-century Scotsman is finally coming to an end. The announcement was a shock to fans, who expected the series to continue for a few more seasons given its source material. Based on an incomplete series of ten books by Diana Gabaldon, the show appears to be catching up with the novels quicker than the author can finish them. Although Gabaldon has known how the story of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will end for a while and given the extent of her involvement in the show, it’s safe to say the series finale won’t resemble a Game of Thrones situation.

Since Outlander’s premiere in August 2014, Jamie and Claire have managed to captivate viewers with their unique love story and its ripple effects through time. It’s arguably one of the best series on television and no doubt has one of the most devoted fan bases of any show. However, all good things must come to an end, and sadly Outlander is no exception. While plenty of fans are sad to see it go, there are numerous reasons to be excited about the show’s final season. While the eighth and final season of Outlander will only consist of ten episodes, they’re sure to be filled to the brim with drama and storytelling, which is good news for fans. Season 7 is set to have a whopping 16 episodes, which will likely cover a lot of ground before Season 8 airs and ties up any loose ends presented in the upcoming season.


As viewers know well, Outlander is no stranger to packing an episode full of dramatic storytelling that manages to thrust the story forward without skipping a beat. The final season is sure to follow suit, and as Jamie and Claire’s love story finally comes to a close, it’s safe to assume their sendoff will be anything but dull. Plus, given the success of the show and the prequel already in the works at STARZ, the potential for some sort of sequel is within the realm of possibility following the series finale.

Throughout the previous seasons of the show, there have been other time travelers outside of Claire and her family. Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) revealed she was from the future before sacrificing herself to save Claire as the two were tried for witchcraft in the first season. Wendigo Donner (Brennan Martin) disclosed he was from the future as well in Season 5 after encountering Claire while she was held captive by Lionel Brown’s (Ned Dennehy) and his men. However, unlike Claire, the others traveled with intent. Geillis traveled back to free Scotland from the tyranny of the British, and Wendigo traveled back with other Native Americans to prevent the atrocities that befall their ancestors. Claire went through the stones by accident while the others did so knowingly and purposefully.

Given the number of breadcrumbs that have been scattered throughout the previous season regarding other time travelers and their purposes, the final season will likely explain more aspects of how and why people have pierced the veil of time. Claire might have accidentally fallen through the stones, but perhaps Outlander’s final season will reveal a greater purpose behind her journey. After all, one of the biggest mysteries of the series is understanding why only certain people can travel back in time. What determines who can travel? Is there a larger purpose for those who can? Or is it simply meaningless? With the final season, viewers can look forward to finally receiving answers to their burning questions.

There’s little doubt Jamie and Claire will end up back in Scotland, and the final season is likely to see the couple’s return. In previous seasons, Scotland itself felt like a character in the series. The country played such a huge role at the beginning of the couple’s story, and with the show finally coming to end, it makes sense for viewers to see it come full circle in the place where Jamie and Claire belong.

Furthermore, given the American Revolution will play a big role in the upcoming season, the fate of Fraser’s Ridge is in jeopardy. The land it sits on was provided by the British despite Claire’s warning to Jamie about the impending war in America. Also, the newspaper article Bree (Sophie Skelton) discovered in the future detailing the death of her parents in a house fire at the Ridge is still looming over their heads. Although, Outlander’s epic love story isn’t likely to end with a simple house fire. Rather, viewers can expect the show’s final season to somehow lead the couple back to where it all began in Scotland There’s no official word as to when season eight will grace the small screen. However, Outlander’s seventh season is scheduled for release later this summer. Until then, binge the previous six seasons on demand or streaming via STARZ.


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