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Outlander Teases Jamie & Claire’s Devastating Season 6 Ending

The Outlander season 6 finale is fast approaching and the penultimate episode may have just teased a devastating ending for the final episode. This eerie foreshadowing will undoubtedly be familiar to fans of the book series namely the book Outlander season 6 is primarily based on A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Even hinted at in the novels title it seems that Outlander season 6 episode 7 may have foreshadowed a grisly end for Claire and Jamie in the finale and perhaps even a departure from the novels.In episode 7 shortly after Claire and Jamie grappled with Malvas accusation of infidelity levied against Jamie Claire explains her concern that she may have inadvertently killed Malva while under the influence of her homemade ether. In describing her fears Claire uses the analogy of leaving the oven on or a candle a more period appropriate comparison after leaving the house and being afraid of accidentally burning the house to the ground. Avid readers of the novels and close watchers of the series may have noticed that this scene seems to be alluding to a predetermined fate Claire and Jamie are supposed to suffer a fate portended by Brianna back in the 1960s.

Claires analogy seems to be foreshadowing that the burning of Frasers Ridge a fate that Brianna read about in an old newspaper clipping back in the 1960s seems to be fast approaching as the timeline of the show rapidly approaches 1776 the year the Frasers house is meant to be set on fire and then burn to a crisp. As the finale is next week and the source material does conclude with the foretold burning of Frasers Ridge it seems likely the fire will serve as the finales explosive conclusion. However its also possible the TV series plans to divert slightly from the plot of the Outlander books given where the show left off with episode 7.In the novels Frasers Ridge burns after a burglary attempt managed by Wendigo Donner a time traveling Native American activist. While Donner was introduced briefly earlier in the season he hasnt made another appearance since. Additionally his plot line has already diverted from the books significantly suggesting perhaps he wont die in the fire on Frasers Ridge. Instead it seems likely that perhaps the Browns who close out episode 7 with a warrant for Claires arrest might be the main sufferers of the Frasers Ridge fire.

The preview for the Outlander season 6 finale shows Claire and Jamie in a fight for their lives against the Browns. Perhaps the show intends to divert from the novels burning down Frasers Ridge during this deadly conflict killing the Browns in succession. As Outlander season 6 has been largely preoccupied with Claires past traumas involving the Browns this would be a satisfying divergence from the novel series which has already made several key changes to ongoing plots within the world of Outlander.Outlander season 6 though abbreviated has seen its fair share of twists and turns. Additionally its already made changes from the book series that have worked for the internal logic of the series. Regardless of which approach Outlander season 6 takes in its finale the conclusion of the sixth installment is undoubtedly set to be explosive.

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