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Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Release Date (& Delay Explained)

Outlander season 6 has been rapidly careening toward revolution and turmoil since the season premiered in March 2022 but viewers will have to wait for episode 7 heres its release date and why its delayed. Despite the mysterious and horrifying ending of Outlander season 6 episode 6 The World Turned Upside Down no new episode is set to air this week. Outlander audiences will remain in suspense regarding the aftermath of Malvas murder and Claires subsequent unauthorized Cesarean section in an attempt to save Malvas baby.

Premiering on March 6 2022 Outlander season 6 has focused on the fallout from the devastating attack that Claire withstood at the hands of the Brown clan during season 5 while Jamie and the remaining residents of Frasers Ridge prepare for the inevitable American Revolution in Outlander. But with the recent introduction of newcomers Tom Christie and his children Allan and Malva along with their Protestant companions an internal uneasiness has been injected into the peaceful Ridge. The discord came to a head in The World Turned Upside Down when Malva accused Jamie of fathering her child. After Claire drugged herself with ether she hallucinated an argument with Malva about the baby and Jamies supposed infidelities but viewers were left hanging from a cliff as Claire discovered Malvas body her throat brutally slit after she awoke from her drugged stupor.

Unfortunately Outlander season 6 episode 7 will not air until April 24th 2022 with the show taking a one week hiatus before airing the final two episodes. Outlander episode 7 is titled Sticks and Stones and will likely delve into the reactions and responses to Malvas brutal Outlander murder from her family and the other residents of Frasers Ridge as well as an investigation. But savvy viewers of Outlander can likely predict that things will not go well for Claire as she ended The World Turned Upside Down holding Malvas stillborn baby covered in the victims blood with her knife in hand.

The one week delay for the series coincides with the observance of the Easter holiday along with Passover and Ramadan all of which are happening concurrently a situation that only happens every 33 years. Due to holiday travel and family gatherings it seems likely that Starz has chosen to delay the release of Outlander season 6 episode 7 to ensure viewers dont miss the climactic entry into the shows canon. And because the penultimate episode of each season has historically been so critical to the storyline Sticks and Stones promises to be an important harrowing hour of television.So while viewers will have to wait one additional week to see how the Frasers tackle their latest catastrophe Outlander season 6 episode 7 is delayed only one week. The Starz Original will return before long with the first of the final two episodes of the season. Audiences can be sure that the Sticks and Stones will be filled to the brim with Outlanders brand of historical meddling drama and romance as it guides viewers to the season 6 finale which is set to air on May 1, 2022.

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