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Outlander: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Brianna, According To Reddit

In Outlander Brianna Randall is the daughter of Claire and Jamie who was conceived in 18th century Scottland but raised in 20th century Boston. She is meant to have all the best characteristics of her parents with her adoptive father Frank mixed in there as well. She is smart brave enthusiastic and spirited everything a vibrant character needs.However not all viewers have been able to get on board with Briannas character. She is not malicious evil or anything else that should make her particularly unlikable but all the same several Redditors have shared their unpopular opinions about Claires time traveling daughter.

Brianna Is A Mary Sue

Mary Sue is a literary trope used to describe a character who is just too good to be true. They are overly talented at anything they do charismatic and the center of all attention. This makes them unbelievable as real people and therefore results in an ironically unlikable character.Redditor Snugglepug17 feels that Brianna is a Mary Sue. She is meant to be the perfect combination of her parents and that unrealistic perfection makes her annoying to some viewers. Its disappointing Snugglepug17 wrote. She is supposed to be a strong supporting character the writing just isnt there.

Briannas Romantic Scenes Are Cringey

Brianna and Roger very quickly met fell in love and started a life together. They also faced a lot of tumults early in their time together. All of this had made their relationship very difficult for viewers to invest in.Redditor Laulaf stated that all of Briannas romantic scenes which should have been their most iconic scenes in Outlander felt cringey to them. While this improved as Roger and Brianna got past some of the sticky points of their marriage their relationship is still not one Redditors enjoyed likely because Roger himself can also be a rather unpopular character.

Brianna Is Indecisive

Some of Briannas decisions were difficult for audiences to follow. Redditor Zillabirdblue shared the example of her response to Rogers initial proposal. Her first reaction to that was the perfect reaction they wrote then all of a sudden she changes her mind next time she sees him?Brianna continues with this trend. She changed her mind about her college major her feelings about her mother and Jamie being with Roger staying in the past and more. No viewer expects a character to always make the right decision first but doing this every time can get old fast.

Brianna Isnt As Smart As She Thinks

Brianna is frequently praised for her intelligence. She excels at everything she tries and always has a smart argument for anyone she disagrees with. However Redditor Xillabirdblue felt that she frequently made decisions that did not support her supposed intelligence.An example of this is when she prepared to travel to the 18th Century. She brought nothing with her Xillabirdblue said wondering how a single sandwich was supposed to keep her from starving on a trek across the Scottish Highlands.

Brianna Is Too Difficult To Portray

Redditors made a variety of complaints about the performance of Sophie Skelton the actress that plays Brianna. However many Redditors argued that Skeltons acting was the best that it could be for such an unclear character.Redditor Designsavvy said that it wasnt just the casting that went horribly wrong but the fundamental aspects of Briannas character. Skelton simply did the best she could with what she had to work with and as Briannas character improves and solidifies itself Skeltons believability in the role improves as well.

Brianna Is Childish

Redditor Battleborn5 used an example from the Outlander books to support their dislike of Brianna. They explain that Mrs. Bug once commented on Brianna becoming pregnant while Brianna and Roger had been struggling to conceive. As a response Brianna flies off the f ing rails.This Redditor went on to explain that the situation got so bad that Roger had to physically remove Brianna kicking and screaming. They felt that this behavior was completely unacceptable even if Mrs. Buggs comments were inappropriate.

Briannas Relationships With Her Family Are Confusing

When Brianna is first introduced she resents her mother for never being in the present and she idolized her adoptive father Frank. After Frank passes Briannas resentment grew. She loved her mother but their relationship was not a strong one.While everything Claire and Brianna went through together helped them grow closer their relationship still had a disjointed feeling. Redditor LuckyScwartz felt that this also extended to her relationships with Jamie and Roger stating that they just dont understand Briannas relationships in general.

Brianna Is Secretive And Deceitful

A good thing about Claire and Jamies relationship is that they are always honest with one another. There have been plenty of times that they could have been deceitful but they chose to keep their communication clean which is part of why Claire and Jamie are Outlanders true soulmates. However Redditor LuckyScwartz felt that Brianna muddled up that dynamic.Brianna asks her mother to withhold valuable information from Jamie LuckyScwartz said feeling that Brianna was bringing her mini Frank secretive behavior to the considerably more healthy marriage of Briannas biological parents.

Brianna Is Spoiled

Redditor Meme me up scotty159 pointed out that Brianna had been spoiled by Frank and Claire for their own individual reasons. They tried their best to give her the best childhood possible but the result was that they overcompensated to keep her happy throughout all of their issues.This Redditor felt that this was not Briannas fault as she was born in an impossibly difficult situation. However it does not contribute any to her likability. She is used to the love and affection of her parents and therefore does not always react well to criticism making spoiled a good word to sum up Brianna Randalls personality.

Brianna Is Under Developed Compared To Other Characters

The first season of Outlander spends a lot of time developing Jamie and Claires characters as well as the characters of their families. When Brianna was added to Outlander after season 1 she and Claire had had 20 years to develop a relationship that was not shown on screen so the sudden existing relationship might have felt a little disjointed to audiences.Redditor Alleylcat44 felt that Briannas character is flat and doesnt have the same depth as the other characters. It may not be that there is anything wrong with Brianna herself but when she is compared to characters that have gone through a lot more development hers just doesnt hold up.

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