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Outer Banks season 3 is not coming to Netflix in May 2022

Were close to entering a new month which means many new Netflix movies and shows will soon arrive on the streamer. Unfortunately we wont be seeing the release of a new season of Outer Banks because Outer Banks season 3 is not coming to Netflix this May.Were not surprised the third season wont be making its way to Netflix in May because the Outer Banks cast and crew is still currently filming. Madelyn Cline just recently shared a filming update. Apparently production has moved back to Charleston South Carolina where Outer Banks is primarily filmed after shooting two months in Barbados.The rumored wrap date is sometime in August. Then the third season will enter post production. Were expecting the episodes to spend about three to four months in post production before theyre ready for viewing. We likely wont hear of an official release date until closer to the end of post production.Below youll find the latest updates for Outer Banks season 3.

Outer Banks season 3 release updates

The cast and crew are hard at work filming the highly anticipated third season. Principal photography for season 3 started on Feb. 14 so theyve been shooting for a little over two months now. Whats on Netflix reported that production will wrap on Aug. 19. If the rumored wrap date ends up being true and the show spends about three to four months in post production we could definitely see Outer Banks season 3 by the end of the year. We would be looking at a release date somewhere between November and December.This release date prediction will only be possible if there arent any production delays. We dont foresee any delays so a late 2022 release seems probable. However there is a chance that we wont see the return of Outer Banks until 2023. But we highly doubt Netflix will hold Outer Banks season 3 later than early 2023. For now expect to see the third season come to Netflix in November or December.

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