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Outer Banks: 5 Ways Each Season Is The Best

Over a year after its release Outer Banks made its return in 2021 with ten new episodes for fans to binge. The show is among Netflixs 10 best teen series according to IMDb and the second season didnt disappoint. Certain storylines took a backseat in order to give others a chance to shine which changed the overall tone of the show and prioritized some characters over others.Outer Banks season 2 is different from its predecessor but it was still well done. There are several appealing aspects to each season of the show making it difficult to compare the two. However there are reasons why each season could be considered better than the other.

10 Season 1 Sheriff Peterkin Was Alive

Many fans recognized Adina Porter as Indra from The 100 and she played just as beloved of a character in Outer Banks. Sheriff Peterkin was the one law enforcement officer who always had the Pogues best interest at heart. After she was shot and killed in season 1 almost everyone in Kildare Country was affected by her death.In particular the Pogues suffered from her absence. It was frustrating to see JJ Kiara and Pope put their lives on the line only for Shoupe to undermine every piece of evidence they found. If Sheriff Peterkin had survived theres no doubt that she would have taken the Pogues seriously and saved everyone a lot of trouble.

9 Season 2 There Were Higher Stakes

It only took a few episodes into the second season for Sarah to get shot and flatline on the table in the Bahamas. The Pogues were always taking risks but nothing they experienced in season 1 compared to the danger and flirtation with death they encountered in almost every episode in season 2.Staying out of jail was no longer the groups biggest problem as John B and his friends were now running for their lives. Ward and Rafe took an even darker turn and not even Sarah was safe from her family. Her father and brother tried to kill her in cold blood showing that not even family ties can protect the Pogues now.

8 Season 1 The Pogues Were A United Front

In the beginning John B Kiara JJ and Pope were always together. Their group scenes were the highlight of the series and their unbreakable bond was the heart and soul of the show. However the Pogues have begun to feel more like the three musketeers with John B on the outside.The series hasnt done a good job of balancing John Bs newfound love for Sarah with his love for his friends. In the second season Sarah has become her new beaus entire personality resulting in only a few scenes with the Pogues. While Sarah is considered a Pogue now she still needs to form bonds with everyone in the group to resume that season 1 tight bond. As of now it feels like JJ Kiara and Pope hanging out with a love struck stranger and his girlfriend.

7 Season 2 John B And Sarahs Relationship Felt Earned

There are a lot of things that make no sense about John B in season 1 and his romance with Sarah is one of them. Their relationship took off relatively fast as they went from begrudging acquaintances in the pilot to lovers whod rather die than be without each other.It was hard to take it seriously as up until a few weeks ago in the shows timeline theyd been living without each other just fine. John B had also been in love with Kiara for years but he seemed to forget all about her in just a few days. Although John B and Sarahs Romeo and Juliet romance is still too maudlin at times the events of the second season make it more believable and heartfelt.

6 Season 1 The Story Was More Fleshed Out

The first season of a show is often the most simplistic and Outer Banks was no different. Every step was explained in detail in order to avoid plot holes and the foundation of the story was built up strongly enough to support potential future seasons.Every breakthrough was significant in the grand scheme of things and outside of the relationships very few things were glossed over. In contrast season 2 is so choppy and haphazard that it was hard to interpret what was happening with the increasingly complex plot. It wasnt rushed but viewers were given very little time to comprehend the gravity of each situation.

5 Season 2 Pope Had Significant Character Development

Pope is a character who many viewers have mixed feelings about. Hes a kind and caring person and his determination to follow the rules made it even funnier when he would act out. The main problem in the first season was the shallow way he treated Kiara.Kiara had explained to Pope multiple times that she just wanted to be friends but he seemed to feel like she owed him her affection. When Kiara gave in things got messy and their awkward romance was difficult to watch during the first half of season 2. Pope eventually comes to the realization that he cant force someone to love him and that their friendship is more important than anything else. It was an incredible moment for Popes character that displayed his growth and maturity from the previous season.

4 Season 1 JJ Had An Independent Storyline

The show has a surprising amount of humor but the funniest quotes in Outer Banks usually come from JJ. He was even funnier in the second season mostly because making comedic comments became his primary function in the shows sprawling narrative.While JJ still had a major role in the series his internal conflicts played less of a part in the central story. His relationship with his father while heartbreaking was an ongoing plotline in the first season that gave viewers deeper insight into his character. Its understandable why it only came back briefly in the second season but unraveling JJs layers was a highlight of the shows first ten episodes.

3 Season 2 Cleo Was Introduced

The series decided to introduce some new blood in the second season and Cleo filled a hole in the show that no one even realized was there. She fits in flawlessly with the rest of the Pogues and shes already shown she can hold her own in any physical or verbal battle.Although Cleo has only been with the entire group for half of an episode its already hard to imagine the show without her. Cleo could give JJ a run for his money when it comes to her sense of humor and fans are already seeing sparks between her and Pope.

2 Season 1 John Bs Backstory Was An Integral Part Of The Plot

John B was the center of everything in season 1. His fathers mysterious disappearance was the catalyst to the treasure hunt and his emotional journey was exciting to follow along with. Things have since spiraled and become more complicated but John Bs internal and external conflicts were what initially drove the plot forward. In season 2 John B has become a pawn and he no longer feels like the lead of the show. His storyline is only one of many that are ongoing and the lack of focus on him has prevented him from having any real character development.

1 Season 2 JJ And Kiaras Romance Gained Momentum

Despite their lack of screentime in season 1 JJ and Kiara became one of the shows most beloved couples. The writers leaned into their surprising chemistry during the second season and the last couple of episodes foreshadowed that a romance between them was developing. It was important to properly address Kieras relationship with Pope but even while it was ongoing JJ was shooting the two some heartbroken glances.In an interview with Entertainment Weekly showrunner Josh Pate teases that romance will play a major role during the Pogues time on the deserted island which they have named Poguelandia. Pate addresses Kierra and JJs relationship and says We didnt want to do it immediately but we did definitely want to do it. Forcing JJ and Kiera together so soon wouldve been detrimental in the long run. However now that its been properly set up and alluded to the third season could be Jiaras time to shine.

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