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Other times Tom Hardy has been spotted in and around Surrey, including trampolining and fiery curry

The Dark Knight Rises star visited a pizza van in Cranleigh over the weekend but has shown his face elsewhere in the county After his appearance grabbing some takeaway pizza at Cranleigh got people in Surrey buzzing its worth noting this isnt the first time Tom Hardy has been spotted in Surrey On Saturday June 25 Miri Prroni received a shock when the Hollywood superstar walked up to his pizza van at Cranleigh cricket club looking for a bite to eat Known for his work in The Dark Knight Rises Inception and Peaky Blinders Miri said the Alister looked more nervous than he did and was very friendly when making his order at his Il Forno Volante The appearance really grabbed the attention of Surrey residents once he was able to put up a selfie of him with Hardy on Instagram.

But its not just in Cranleigh where he has shown his face having been spotted during a visit to Guildford in 2020 He posed for socially distant pictures with two town rangers near Krema Artisan Coffee House in Guildford town centre on what was his then 43rd birthday on September 15 Ben Darnton owner of Bens Collectors Records in Tunsgate who heard Hardy arrive outside his shop said at the time He pulled up outside the shop and I saw the rangers having a picture with him He was in a grey Audi very swanky The rich and famous drop into Guildford for a cup of coffee I just happened to be by the door when he came by.

Then in 2017 he was spotted at an unlikely celebrity hangout just over the border from Surrey at Jump Giants trampoline park near Heathrow where he posed for pictures with staff He was apparently such a fan of the activity which he took his two children to he extended his time on the trampoline by another hour He also appears to be a fan of the countys culinary scene having dropped by Weybridge curry restaurant No 7 Temple in December 2016 with his wife Charlotte Riley Restaurant coowner Farah Ali said he tried their signature lamb dish showing he might be as fearless as many of his onscreen personas.

She said on his visit He was very relaxed and chilled out he seemed like a nice person and very humble He was very complimentary of the restaurant and really enjoyed it They had the railway lamb curry our signature dish its the one people always want to try When he left he said he would definitely be coming back and hopefully hell tell his friends about us too While it is believed Hardy currently lives within the county his connections to Surrey go further back than just curry and trampolines Although born just over the border in Richmond he attended Reeds School in Cobham and is unsurprisingly in the schools hall of fame.

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