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Otakle Anime Wordle Character For Today #84 April 22 2022

As the Wordle boom keeps expanding the anime community has dipped in as well creating Otakle and if youre having trouble finding out todays character here is the answer for Otakle #84 published on April 22 2022. READ MORE Lewdle Answer and Word Of The Day For Today Friday April 22
Otakle was launched a few weeks ago by Koolong. The name comes from fusing Otaku and Wordle and players need to guess the names of characters from anime and Japanese games.

Otakle is slightly more difficult than the usual Wordle seeing it can be quite hard to think of anime characters whose names has only 5 letters. In counterpart seeing the database mainly has characters from classics and recent mainstream famous series you can easily narrow down your choices once you managed to guess a few letters right. In any case if youre having trouble figuring this out our guide is here to help. Here is the official Otakle answer and character of the day for Friday April 22.

Splatoon 3 Release Date Trailer What Is The Otakle Character Today April 22 The official Otakle answer and character of the day for Friday April 22 is Guren Ichinose from Seraph of the End. Seraph of the End Owari no Seraph is originally a dark fantasy shonen manga written by Daisuke Furuya Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. The manga got an anime in 2015 but if Guren strikes your fancy I definitely recommend checking out the manga instead. The Seraph anime was quite rushed and also cuts out a lot of content from the manga.

You will have until midnight in your own local timezone to answer Otakle #84. Past that point the riddle will be moved to the archive. Stay tuned on Dual Shockers for more Otakle answers and look forward to the next Otakle riddle this April 23. Oh and dont forget to let me know your thoughts on Seraph of the End in the comments!

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