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Only Murders In The Building Season 1 Episode 8 Review

This episode of Only Murders In The Building Episode 8 has a lot going on and leaves us on a huge cliffhanger that I wasn’t expecting. This episode did feel like the last episode in the season and yet we are reminded at the end that there are still more episodes left in this first season. I am starting to wonder if this murderer will be dragged out into the next season as the show has now been reviewed for a second season.

We pick up this episode with Oliver Martin Short and Mabel Selena Gomez tied up and kidnapped by Theo. I genuinely thought that one of them was going to die in this episode I was surprised to see them just let go and have a conversation with Teddy Nathan Lane. It brings up the question of why were they kidnapped and tied up in the first place. If Teddy hadn’t shown up would something else happened or was it just to give a message to Oliver and Mabel Lane does well in this role as Teddy he is clearly hurt that his son is deaf and that he can’t change that. He is defiantly a man you don’t want to mess with and puts across quite well in this episode by giving the podcasters an ultimatum.


Everything feels very easy in this episode for our podcasters. Then we are reminded that nothing is really that easy. This was a fun episode but what I find it weird how quickly Charles Steve Martin and Jan Amy Ryan have gotten together and so close. They sleep together once and then suddenly they are in love and an official couple. It is nice to see Charles utterly happy but it felt very rushed. It felt as if the writers were trying to suggest that she has been involved in this investigation for a while we just didn’t know. It feels a bit unrealistic that Jan is so open about Charles has been doing and it seems strange that she wants to be so involved.

Jan seems like a very nice character but I do find it interesting how she kept trying to throw the investigation off. She kept trying to put the focus onto Howard who we met in the first couple of episodes. I do wonder if there is more to this character than what we have been told. It’s interesting that she kept mentioning Howard compared with what happened at the end of this episode. Is this some kind of hint that we were too quick to dismiss Howard as a suspect because he was grieving over the loss of his cat.

Jan was trying her best but it was quite funny how honest Oliver was about not wanting her involved. Maybe it was the pressure he was under but it came across as Oliver didn’t like Jan at all. He didn’t want her involved and dismissed pretty much everything she said. It was as if Charles was in the middle and had to choose a side. However as I said beforehand their relationship has felt very quick so it can’t be surprising if Oliver and Mabel feel the same and that is why they don’t completely trust her. Also it is strange that Jan is suddenly involved in the case and really enthusiastic about it it is a little suspicious.

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