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Only Murders in the Building Episode 6 Recap A New Suspect and New Leads

Only Murders in the Building Episode 6 titled To Protect and Serve unveiled some new leads in the Tim Kono case. Mabel played by Selena Gomez Oliver Martin Short and Charless Steve Martin podcast Only Murders in the Building has sort of taken off and attracted the attention of Detective Williams DaVine Joy Randolph the police officer who closed the Tim Kono Julian Cihi case in Episode 1. She had determined his cause of death was suicide but she is now calling her own investigation into question after realizing vital pieces of evidence were never handed over for analysis. Newsweek has the full recap of Episode 6 of Only Murders in the Building.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 6 Recap
At the beginning of the episode Detective Williams returned home from a long day at work to find her pregnant wife decorating the nursery for their son and listening to the third episode of Mabel Oliver and Charless podcast Only Murders in the Building. At the moment she hit pause Charles had been discussing the cat footprints found in Tims apartment which introduced Tim Konos neighbor Howard Michael Cyril Creighton as a suspect in the case.

Detective Williams was immediately agitated. You think the cat did it? she shouted at her wife who innocently tried to explain she thought the podcast could actually be on to something. We found out Williams is anti truecrime podcasts. In her view they exploit the victims and their families. As a result she stormed out of the apartment but eventually ended up in her office looking through her Tim Kono files.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 5 Recap

Certain Tim Kono died by suicide Williams was shocked to find the toxicology reports and Tims cell phone had not been sent for analysis leading her to cast doubt over the entire case. But Williams felt it was not within her power to reopen the case fearing her job could be called into question if her boss found mistakes had been made. Instead she packaged up the cell phone and addressed it to Mabel Mora at the Arconia for our favorite crime solving trio to find. Meanwhile Oliver Charles Mabel and Oscar Aaron Dominguez were still at Tavos Esteban Benito tattoo parlor looking through the bags of jewels Mabel found in Tims apartment. Tavo revealed in Episode 5 Tim had feared he was going to be murdered as he was trying to take down a black market jewelry dealer named Angel. The plot thickens in Episode 6 when Tavo recalled Tim had been looking for a very specific piece of jewelry on the black market.

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