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One Corner went global, don’t compare it to Kwako di Traveler Patapa.

Patapaa Amisty says it would be wrong for anyone to compare Black Sheriff’s Quako de Traveler with their One Corner Monster Hut. According to the rapper, no Ghanaian song has made more waves in the world than One Corner, which is Ghana’s biggest hit in the world. He says Kwako The Traveler is a social media track while One Corner is a global hit. The song, which was released in 2019, came with a crazy challenge that took the internet by storm all over the world. One Corner saw Patapa traveling to Nigeria where the song became very popular due to the change. He also toured Europe with Trek.

Black Sheriff’s Quako di Traveler has a similar trend in Nigeria and other African countries. The song became the first Ghanaian song to top the Apple Music Charts in Nigeria. Talking about the success of Patapa song, he said that One Corner introduced grass music globally and music fans all over the world paid attention to grass music. The challenge that Corner created around the world was astounding. For me, I consider Black Sherifs Kwaku the Traveler a social media song and it doesn’t even come close to Scopatumana.

I agree that Kwako di Traveler is doing a great job, but people should not compare it to my One Corner,” he said in an interview with GNA. People have to respect my One Corner song because it has put Ghana on the world music map. According to Patapa, he will soon release his next song titled Glass Nkoaa in May and it will be a big hit all over the world.

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