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No new Walking Dead but Talking Dead airs Preview Special this Sunday

The Walking Dead series will state its final eight occurrences beginning October 2 on AMC. In the meantime Tales of the Walking Dead will begin raising on August 14 to fill the void. This show is an florilegium series with standalone stories introducing new characters and telling a backstory of nascence Samantha Morton in one of the occurrences. But this week Talking Dead has a special treat for The Walking Dead macrocosm suckers.

Talking Dead is an after show that airs following occurrences of The Walking Dead and its derivation series to dive into what has passed during the rearmost occurrences. The series features special guests including cast members directors pens and celebrity super suckers. Hosted by Chris Hardwick the series runs for an hour with features special parts including the favorite In Memorial which highlights the deaths from the occasion online pates behind the scenes footage addict questions and further.

Talking Dead Walking Dead Universe Preview
On Sunday August 7 at 9 p.m. ET AMC will state Talking Dead Walking Dead Universe Preview. This occasion will tease all of the forthcoming derivation series. The guest list includes Walking Dead Usurious Scott M. Gimple director Michael Semiramis Terry Crews Jillian Bell and Anthony Edwards.

Crews Bell and Edwards star in separate occurrences of Tales of the Walking Dead so it well be investigative to see what they can partake about their occurrences. Crews stars as Joe in occasion 1 Bell as Gina in occasion 3 and Edwards as Dr. Everett in occasion 4. The other derivatives that will be over for discussion are Isle of the Dead which is presently rephotographing in New Jersey the Rick and Mich one series and the Daryl Dixon series which has been bruited to begin rephotographing as beforehand as September.

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